Athletes Abroad

As a student-athlete, you may think that you can’t go abroad due to your preseason training and season.

However, many student athletes can and do go abroad. In 2015, 75 student-athletes participated in a short- or long-term program abroad!


The question is not if but when you can go abroad. As a student-athlete, your first step is to determine when you are available to go abroad. Start by talking to your coach about the best time to study abroad or check out the schedule below. Many student-athletes elect to study abroad during the summer or participate in an Elective Abroad during one of the school breaks.

Access to Equipment

Once you have figured out when you are available to go abroad, you may want to continue to train during your time away. Please consult with your Education Abroad advisor or Electives Abroad program manager to see what options are available for you abroad. Many semester and yearlong programs have full gyms or training facilities.

Play Your Sport While Abroad

Just because you are abroad does not mean that you need to stop playing your sport. Babson has many programs where you could continue to play your sport or cross-train by picking up another athletic endeavor. While attending some of our programs abroad, you can join a local, club, or varsity team. This is a great way to connect with the local community, meet new people, and learn different techniques.