Teach An International Consulting Experience

Each year, the Glavin Office works with a faculty member to determine the location for the International Consulting Experience projects.

Once a location is selected, the Glavin Office reaches out to alumni and friends of the college who conduct business in the country for potential projects. As a collaborative partner in this process, the faculty’s role would include:

  • Speaking with all clients who submit project applications to confirm their interest and to determine if the clients’ needs and expectations can be met by the program.
  • Attending (and presenting at) the International Consulting Experience information session for students.
  • Reviewing all student applications for the program.
  • Conducting student interviews and making team placements as necessary.
  • Leading pre-departure academic sessions on the consulting process as well as conducting business abroad.
  • Traveling with students abroad.
  • Advising student teams through the research, analysis, and preparation of recommendations for client company.
  • Debriefing with the client company.
  • Providing feedback and evaluation to the student teams.

If you are interested in speaking further about this opportunity please call Elise Beaudin in the Glavin Office at 781-239-4565.