Babson College will be open this fall. Details available in Babson Together, our return to campus plan

Application Process


To enter the lottery, you will need to complete the lottery application. This includes four online forms:

Indicate your order of preference for the four countries.


  1. Tanzania (first choice)
  2. China
  3. Israel
  4. Chile (fourth choice)

Note your citizenship(s) and experience (if any) in the four countries.

Indicate your passport expiration date.

This information will be used to process your flight reimbursement later in the semester.

Students who are not US citizens or permanent residents will be asked to submit a scanned copy of their W8 BEN form.

Upload a PDF version of your resume.

This questionnaire helps the Glavin Office ensure that we can support and provide all students traveling on the Global Entrepreneurship Experience with necessary accommodations based on same gender / gender identity and accommodations due to a disability.

Application Considerations

Select a different location for each preference question.

Based on your lottery number, you will be placed in your first available location. NOT having unique preferred locations will result in placement in a location with available space after all other students have been placed through the lottery.

We strongly encourage students to choose a location of which they are not familiar.

These courses are designed for novice learners and would not be appropriate for students who are citizens of, or who have spent significant time in a particular country. For that reason, students will not be placed on a course of their same nationality unless you have never lived there. Please reach out to your program manager with any questions or concerns about this policy.

The Lottery Process

  • Every applicant will be randomly assigned a lottery number.
  • Placements will be made in order of applicant’s assigned number.

Enter the Lottery