Course Offerings

Are you considering an undergraduate short-term education abroad or away program? In the 2020-2021 academic year, you can participate in a virtual experience during winter session, spring semester, and/or summer session.

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Why should you consider a virtual short-term education abroad program?

Hear from Babson faculty and students about why you should consider a virtual short-term education abroad program.


Summer Session 2021

will be offering two virtual electives abroad and three virtual international consulting projects for undergraduate students in summer 2021:

Students must apply for these programs outside of summer registration. For more information about additional summer session courses, visit the Babson Summer Session page.

Virtual Electives Abroad & Away

This year, you can now participate in a virtual Elective Abroad or Away from any location in the world during winter or summer session! These virtual 4-credit electives, designed and taught by Babson faculty, will allow you to experience the course topic in a unique and personal way. You will explore cultural sites, converse with global business leaders, collaborate with students from international universities, and connect with the Babson global alumni network.

Winter Session 2021

EPS Made in Japan: Culture & Opportunities »

Deep dive into the Japanese culture - acquire knowledge and cultural competence (history, religion, language and business etiquette), engage in cultural workshops (calligraphy, tea ceremony) and conversation with alumni/entrepreneur, collaborate with college students in Japan, and pitch your entrepreneurial opportunity to the largest multicultural community in Tokyo - all while at home.

Summer Session 2021

MOB The Israel Startup Ecosystem »

Meet Israeli based entrepreneurs, business educators, government officials, and investors while engaging in how Israel spurs startups in Tel Aviv, Israel. A six week consulting project with these entrepreneurs is embedded in this course.

EPS Entrepreneurship New Ventures in Global Fashion »

Fashion is ever increasingly a Global business with developing value chains around the world. Explore emerging fashion trends and business models with leading fashion houses and new ventures across the globe. Meet with fashion leaders as they share their journeys and key decisions as they redesign business processes to be environmentally sustainable/regenerative.

International Consulting Experience

In this year’s virtual International Consulting Experience, you will gain real-world experience consulting with an international company on a business issue under the guidance of a Babson faculty member.

Spring Semester 2021 & Summer Session 2021

International Consulting Experience »

You and your consulting team will learn from in-country experts about the local culture, economy, and business trends and explore the often overlooked aspects of doing business in a different environment. In this action packed semester course, your team will regularly connect with your client, conduct primary and secondary research, and ultimately deliver a client presentation with your team’s findings and recommendations.