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Program Extension

F-1/J-1 students are admitted to the U.S. to complete an academic program by specified date (indicate on the Form I-20/Form DS-2019). If more time is required to complete the program, an extended Form I-20/Form DS-2019 must be issued BEFORE the specified end date.

To be eligible for a program extension, the student must be maintaining their lawful immigration status and must document the compelling academic or medical reason for the extension.  Delays caused by academic probation or suspension are not acceptable reasons for program extensions.

Program Extension Process:

1. Request an extension BEFORE your program end date (see #5 on your current Form I-20/#3 on your Form DS-2019).

2. Gather the following documentation (in electronic format):

3. Submit the online Program Extension Request. »  

    • An email will be sent to your academic advisor (for undergraduates, this is your class dean; for graduates, this is your program manager) 

4. A new extended Form I-20/Form DS-2019 will be issued once your academic advisor endorses the request.  F-2/J-2 dependents will be also provided with an extended form.


Please note: The extension procedure will extend your Form I-20/Form DS-2019 but not your F-1/J-1 visa. If you have an expired visa in your passport, you are permitted to remain in the U.S. as long as you have a valid Form I-20/Form DS-2019. However, the next time you travel out of the U.S., you will need a valid visa to re-enter the U.S.