Alcohol & Other Drug Services

Alcohol & Other Drug Services (AODS) at Babson College offers a range of programs and services designed at reducing the negative consequences associated with substance use and abuse. Objectives are met through education, intervention, policy development, and coordination with treatment providers. AODS collaborates with students and staff throughout the College to create a comprehensive substance abuse prevention program rooted in harm reduction and public health to promote health and safety among all Babson students.

Intervention Services

Students are welcome to schedule consultations or BASICS appointments to gather information and resources. To schedule, email or call 781-239-5200.

Individual Consults: AODS offers free and confidential consultations by appointment. These sessions typically last 50 minutes and provide students with an opportunity to explore the nature of their relationship with alcohol or other drugs, or to discuss concerns for friends, partners, and family members.

Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students (BASICS): BASICS is a two-session assessment designed specifically for college students. Developed at the University of Washington, BASICS is an evidence-based intervention that has been found to significantly reduce negative consequences associated with high-risk drinking. Students meet with a BASICS Provider for an intake interview and to complete an online screening instrument that gathers information about the student’s relationship with alcohol (BASICS I). A comprehensive personalized feedback profile is generated for the second session (BASICS II), which features comparisons to campus norms, consequences and student goals. The Provider guides the student through their profile, using principles of Motivational Interviewing throughout the process.


Project TEAM: Project T.E.A.M. is an innovate approach that leverages the power of teams to reduce high risk drinking, improve student-athletes’ performance, team cohesion, and the campus culture. Project T.E.A.M. is funded by the NCAA Choices grant. Learn more about Project T.E.A.M.

Watch Your BAC: Designed at Babson College, Watch Your BAC is an online module aimed at preparing all incoming students to engage in campus life, and providing the foundational knowledge to make educated and safe decisions around alcohol & other drug use during their first year at Babson. Once first years arrive on campus they attend an in person workshop, Got Your BAC. This workshop is facilitated by the Peers on Wellness, and reinforces and expands on what is covered in the online program.

Watch Your BAC


Bidwell POW Party Grants: Thanks to a generous donation by the Bidwell family, Student Activities and Leadership, Alcohol and Other Drug Services, and Peers on Wellness (POW!) are able to provide funding for food and water at student parties and social events with or without alcohol. Eating food and drinking water are proven strategies to reduce risk of harms related to alcohol consumption. The Bidwell Party Grant program encourages students to party safely by providing food and water for their guests at little to no cost. Learn more about POW and the Party Grants program.

Medical Amnesty Policy

This policy protects you and the person in need of medical attention from disciplinary action when you do the right thing and call for help in the event of an alcohol or drug emergency. You must stay with the person in need until help arrives in order to qualify for Medical Amnesty. The Medical Amnesty policy can be found in Babson’s Community Standards page on the student portal.