Resumes, Cover Letters, and More

As the top entrepreneurial students in the world, you are experts in managing change, practicing innovation, recognizing and leveraging opportunity, executing strategy, taking risks, and creating economic and social value everywhere. These unique entrepreneurial skills set you apart; marketing them effectively is critical to your career success!

Like marketing a product, personal branding is a deliberate, customized set of messages intended to entice a targeted group of employers, potential business partners/investors, or your own future employees. Everything that reaches the eyes and ears of this target group is part of your personal brand: the pictures you post on Facebook, your resume and cover letter, your professional demeanor, and everything in between.

Leveraging the latest technology, CCD provides all students with access to Canvas, our full-service, online career portal, intentionally designed to help you sharpen these skills 24/7. Here, you have privileges to best-in-class, online career resources tailored specifically to your individual needs. Canvas highlights include skills-based guidelines, templates, workshops, and webinars; self-assessment modules and exercises; and state-of-the-art research tools. In addition, CCD is available to meet with you personally during our drop-in hours or by making a counseling appointment.