Managerial Financial Planning and Analysis

The managerial financial planning and analysis concentration is designed to cover the fundamental concepts and techniques of financial reporting, planning, and analysis used by accounting and financial professionals to plan and support the successful management of a business.

You learn the basic frameworks and processes of financial planning, through budgeting, from forecasting monthly, quarterly, and annual business results to long-range strategic planning. That includes how to prepare, analyze, and report financial and operational reviews for a business.

You gain the analytical skills necessary to provide financial support for day-to-day management decisions. Thus, this concentration is particularly relevant if you plan to work within the finance and/or accounting functions of various-sized businesses ranging from startups to large multinationals. It’s also ideal for current or aspiring entrepreneurs.

Course Spotlight

ACC 3502 – Financial Reporting and Analysis

This course is one of the first steps you can take before you take on Wall Street in your professional career. You study the principles of financial management, including accounting principles, transaction analysis, financial statement disclosure, and financial statement analysis as it applies to corporate finance, credit analysis, and investment banking. You leave this course with the skill and confidence to effectively read and interpret financial reports.

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