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The Diana International Research Institute (DIRI) is the premier global research institute dedicated to being the source of all research, policy, practitioner, and educator information for women’s entrepreneurship. Through the membership organization, we connect a worldwide community of stakeholders to collectively identify, investigate, and share best practices that lead to further research and practical approaches supporting women entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Learn from an expert on feminist business models!

On February 10, we are joined by expert Dr. CV Harquail, Cofounder of Feminists At Work & Author of Feminism: A Key Idea in Business, as she discusses Feminist Business Models: How they differ, why they matter, and how they support women and feminist entrepreneurs.

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Feminism: It's not just for politics anymore.

In the past decade, advocates of feminism have brought their political world view, its values, and its concerns fully into the business world. Using the venture-creation process to build alternatives to the often extractive conventional startup, feminist entrepreneurs have developed values-driven business models, organizational practices that interrupt and reform oppressive uses of power, and products and marketing practices that proudly promote a feminist view of how the world could be. This view includes not only ending oppression and achieving gender equity but also creating economic systems that support the flourishing of all people and the ecosphere, making feminist business models relevant to entrepreneurs of all genders.

In this talk, CV will offer a working definition of feminism, explain what defines a feminist business, and discuss where and how the feminist startup ecosystem is emerging. She will introduce the Feminist Business Model Canvas to show how feminist values can shape a revenue model that delivers financial and real social change.

More About the Speaker:

CV Harquail, PhD, is an author, management scholar, consultant, writer, and toolmaker. Her new book, Feminism: A Key Idea in Business and Society (Routledge, 2020), is the first to analyze business from a feminist perspective and to propose a feminist business praxis. CV is the co-founder of (a feminist business practice consultancy) and co-founder/producer of the Entrepreneurial, a conference and community for feminist entrepreneurs.  She is the designer of the Feminist Business Model Canvas and Feminist Business Toolkit. She serves as a mentor and design team member in the Fifth Wave Feminist Business Accelerator, an initiative of the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab.

CV advocates that we craft our work, design our products, set our ambitions, run our companies, and partner with our stakeholders in ways that lead us and our businesses to advance social justice and promote flourishing for everyone. CV holds a Ph.D. in Management and Organizations from the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. She taught Leadership and Organizational Change at the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia for nine years before moving to Stevens Institute of Technology, where she taught the capstone undergraduate management practicum in Entrepreneurship. She has published her award-winning research in journals such as Administrative Science QuarterlyAcademy of Management JournalAcademy of Management Review, and Organization Studies.  

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“The round table call with Dr. Dana Kanze was exemplary. I use Dr. Kanze’s research in my classroom already, so I was very excited to learn more from her directly during this session. The possibility of hearing from other researchers like Kanze who are uncovering data that can be leveraged by educational practitioners and activists to create positive change on our campuses and in our community ecosystems is very powerful. These round table calls also create new opportunities to connect and collaborate with these researchers on future studies focused on the unique challenges faced by underrepresented founders, potentially moving the needle forward for our communities and entrepreneurs across the globe.”

Morgan Slemberger, Associate Director of the Blackstone LaunchPad, University of Montana
Quarterly round table call featuring Dr. Dana Kanze, November 2019

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