Epic Youth: Cultivating Entrepreneurial Changemakers

Youth Impact Lab Leadership Podcast - Beth GoldsteinIn this new podcast series, Dr. Beth Goldstein, Senior Director of Academic Strategy at Babson Academy Youth Impact Lab, speaks with educators as they share ideas and tactics that teachers, leaders, youth development professionals, and parents can use today to cultivate tomorrow’s entrepreneurial changemakers. Sign up now to listen for free and learn how you can help your students in K-12 develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Here are just a few examples of the types of people you’ll hear from:

Listen in as Beth speaks with Cheryl Kiser, Director and founder of the Institute for Social Innovation at Babson and founder of the Youth Impact Lab, Babson College. Together, they look at how fostering an entrepreneurial mindset is one of the greatest strategies for success and wealth creation, while helping young people lead a meaningful life. Learn how to put it into practice in the classroom—especially with young people in under-resourced communities.

Join Beth, Wendy Acosta, and Maria Marta Merino from the Lincoln School in Costa Rica, a Babson Academy Youth Impact Lab partner and private K-12 school, as they explore how they’re integrating entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking and acting into the curriculum. Learn how they help their educators, coaches, and students develop an understanding of the role that failure, resiliency, and empathy play in being an entrepreneurial changemaker.

Hear a compelling conversation with The Met High School’s very own Jodie Woodruff, a pioneer in integrating entrepreneurship into public education. This podcast delves into the transformative power of entrepreneurship in public education, highlighting the innovative Met model that fosters real-world learning and business creation among high school students. Discover how this approach not only equips students with entrepreneurial skills but also instills ownership, resilience, and a sense of purpose.

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