From the Classroom to “Shark Tank”

“Entrepreneurship and creativity—there’s nothing I don’t absolutely love about it.”

Jennifer Bailey, assistant professor of technology and operations management

“People think about the implications of the items that they buy. Why not think about it regarding your investment portfolio?”

Priya Parrish ’05

  • From the Classroom to “Shark Tank”
  • Assistant Professor Jennifer Bailey
  • Priya Parrish ’05

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See how thinking and acting entrepreneurially is leading the Babson community to develop innovative solutions to economic and social challenges around the world.

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in entrepreneurship for more than two decades (Undergraduate and MBA programs), U.S. News & World Report.

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of the Class of 2017 were employed or attended graduate school within six months of graduation.*

*Based on a knowledge rate of 89%.

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Babson's global network is made up of 41,000+ alumni in 119 countries.

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Our community of students—representing more than 80 countries around the world—reflects the international diversity of today’s increasingly global business society.

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