Hands-On Learning for Agile Thinkers


At Babson you will discover ways to develop creative solutions and take action.

Curriculum by Design

The Babson curriculum is designed to inspire students and executives with a passion for creating economic value while incorporating concerns for people and planet. Our vision began as a bold experiment that placed Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® at the core of the curriculum. Today, the world looks to Babson’s curriculum as the benchmark for an entrepreneurial course of study where students learn to be agile thinkers who create and capitalize on opportunities to make a difference.


  • A committed faculty:  87% of our full-time faculty hold a doctoral degree or its equivalent. A majority have real world experience as accomplished business founders and executives.
  • Practice and real world experience:  The Babson curriculum uniquely immerses students in business from their first day on campus.
  • Integrated, multidisciplinary learning:  The business world doesn’t work in silos so we don’t either. Our faculty partner across disciplines to prepare our students to examine opportunities from multiple angles.
  • Cases that reflect real world differences:  Faculty develop teaching cases specific to particular regions, demographics, and types of enterprises.

Cocurricular programs provide students with hands-on experience to complement what they learn in the classroom through internships, volunteer opportunities, and consulting projects.

Collaborative Research

Shared vision is powerful. Believing you can achieve more acting in concert with others than by working alone, Babson sponsors the most dynamic and effective entrepreneurship research being undertaken and disseminated throughout the world. We build and share knowledge among the scholars and students who study business as well as with leaders (including many alumni) who put their knowledge and experience into practice every day.

Research Programs