The STEP Project is a collegial consortium of universities and researchers that are organized into five global regions—Europe, Latin America, Asia PacificNorth America, and Africa​.

Babson College is leading the formation of the regional teams and governance protocols. Each region operates independently of one another, but follows the same research model in order to generate valid and comparable results.

The STEP Project is run as a collaboration between Babson College and each regional team. There is a collegial leadership model with Babson providing staff support for the global activities and each region or institution providing staff support as required to advance the Project.

The STEP Project is overseen by a Global Board, managed by the Executive team and organized by Regional Leadership Councils.


Meet the STEP Project Board Chair


Carole Howorth, Professor

  University of Bradford


Meet the STEP Project​ Academic Director

matt Allen.bmp 

 Matt Allen, Professor​

  Babson College