STEP Scholar’s Awards

FERC 2013: Top Paper Award Winners

1) Manisha Singal (Virginia Tech) and Vijay Singal for their article "Family Firms and Corporate Social Responsibility: Does Firm Financial Condition Matter?" 

2) Luz ​Elena Orozco Collazos, Gustavo Gonzalez & Luis Diaz Matajira (Universidad de los Andes) for their article "The Dynamics of Virtues in Family Controlled Firms".

3) Matt Allen (Babson College), Loreto Torres Araneda, Pablo Dominguez Estrada & Cinthya Consiglieri Alvarado for their article "Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Peruvian Family Businesses: Implications for Performance". 

FERC 2013: Top Paper in Spanish

Rodrigo Gonzalez, Nicole Pinaud & Matt Allen (Babson College) for their article "Sucesion en empresa familiar agroindustrial en Chile". 

FERC 2013: FOBI Awards

Justin Craig (Northeastern University), Eric Clinton (Dublin City University) & Vanessa Diaz (Dublin City Univeristy) for their article "Investigative long-term orientientation and entrepreneurial orientation in multi-generational family firms".

Transeo Academic Award: 2012—2nd Prize

Francesco Chirico (Jönköping University, Sweden), Mrs Pramodita Sharma (University of Vermont, USA) and Mr Carlo Salvato (Bocconi University, Italy) for “A farewell to the business: championing exit and continuity in entrepreneurial family firms” (could not attend the event)

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