STEP Scholar’s Awards

IFERA 2015 Award Winners:

Best Conference Research Paper Award for First-Time Presenter: Rosalia Santulli (Co-authors: Andrea Calabro, Carmen Galluci)

​FECC 2015 Award Winners:

Graduate League 1st Place Winner – Jönköping International Business School, Sweden and 2nd Place Winner – Indian School of Business, India

Undergraduate League 2nd Place Winner – Dalhousie University Rowe School of Business, Canada
FERC 2014 Award Winners:

Kathleen Randerson and Alain Fayolle (EMLYON Business School) for their Best Poster '"A Teaching Model for Family Entrepreneurship"

Vanessa Diaz Moriana and Eric Clinton (Dublin City University) for their Best Doctoroal Student Contribution for "Long-Term Orientation and Innovativeness in Multi-Generational Family Firms"
Francesco Barbera (Stetson University), Isabell Stamm (University of Carlifornia Berkeley) and Rocki-Lee DeWitt (University of Vermont) for their Best Poster "The Untimely Death of a Founder:  A Case Study on Intergeneration Innovation and Human Resource Practices"

Manisha Singal (Virginia Tech University)  Best Poster for "Bridge and Buffer:  Evidence of the Role of the Board of Directors in Family Firms."
Alfredo DeMassis (Lancaster University) Family Owned Business Institute Award Winner for '"From Research to Practice:  Planning for New Futures in Family Business Education"
Francesco Barbera (Stetson University), Isabell Stamm, (University of California Berkeley), and Rocki-Lee Dewitt (University of Vermont) Family Owned Business Institute Award Winners for "Organizational Crises in Family Firms:  The Effects on Intergernational Innovation."

FERC 2013:  Top Paper Award Winners

1) Manisha Singal (Virginia Tech) and Vijay Singal for their article "Family Firms and Corporate Social Responsibility: Does Firm Financial Condition Matter?" 

2) Luz Elena Orozco Collazos, Gustavo Gonzalez & Luis Diaz Matajira (Universidad de los Andes) for their article "The Dynamics of Virtues in Family Controlled Firms".

3) Matt Allen (Babson College), Loreto Torres Araneda, Pablo Dominguez Estrada & Cinthya Consiglieri Alvarado for their article "Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Peruvian Family Businesses: Implications for Performance". 

FERC 2013:  Top Paper in spanish

Rodrigo Gonzalez, Nicole Pinaud & Matt Allen (Babson College) for their article "Sucesion en empresa familiar agroindustrial en Chile". 

FERC 2013: FOBI Awards

Justin Craig (Northeastern University), Eric Clinton (Dublin City University) & Vanessa Diaz (Dublin City Univeristy) for their article "Investigative long-term orientientation and entrepreneurial orientation in multi-generational family firms". 

Transeo Academic Award 2012:  2nd Prize

Francesco Chirico (Jönköping University, Sweden), Mrs Pramodita Sharma (University of Vermont, USA) and Mr Carlo Salvato (Bocconi University, Italy) for “A farewell to the business: championing exit and continuity in entrepreneurial family firms” (could not attend the event)

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