STEP Scholar's Awards

Transeo Academic Award: 2012-2nd prize:  
Francesco Chirico (Jönköping University, Sweden), Mrs Pramodita Sharma (University of Vermont, USA) and Mr Carlo Salvato (Bocconi University, Italy) for "A farewell to the business: championing exit and continuity in entrepreneurial family firms" (could not attend the event)

FERC 2012: 1st place Best Paper, Doctoral Award:

Josip Kotlar & Alfredo De Massis (University of Bergamo) for their article “Goal setting in family firms: The who, the what and the how.”

FERC 2012: 2nd place Best Paper Award:

Manisha Singal (Northwestern/Virgnia Tech) and Vijay Singal for their paper “The strategic value of branding the family name.”

FERC 2012: 3rd Place Best Paper Award:

Alexandra Dawson (Concordia University), Pramodita Sharma (University of Vermont), Gregory Irving (Wilfrid Laurier University), Joel Marcus (Wilfrid Laurier University) & Francesco Chirico (Jönköping International Business School).

FERC 2012: FOBI Scholarships:

Leif Melin & Ethel Brundin (Jönköping International Business School); Robert Nason, David Gras, G.T. Lumpkin (Syracuse University)

Winner of the STEP Europe award at the EIASM 2011 conference: 

Block, Joern and Frank Spiegel. Family Firms and Regional Innovation Activity: Evidence from the German Mittelstand.” 

FERC 2011: 1st place Best Paper, Doctoral Award:​
Francesco Barbera & Ken Moores (Bond University) for their article “The Impact of Family Involvement on the Productivity of the Firm”

Winner of the Kennesaw State University/Coles College of Business for Best Empirical Paper award from the ENT Division of the Academy of Management:

Craig, Justin; Dibrell, Clay; Neubaum, Donald; and Thomas, Chris. “Stewardship Climate Scale: Measurement and an Assessment of Reliability and Variability.” 2011.

FERC 2010: FOBI Scholarships:

Francesco Barbera & Ken Moores (Bond University)​ 

Winner of first STEP Europe Award at EIASM Conference in Barcelona, June 2010:

Chirico, Francesco; Mazzola, Pietro; and Sciascia, Salvatore. “Entrepreneurial Orientation and Performance in Family Owned Firms: The Role of Family Management.” 2010.

Winner of the FFI Best Dissertation 2010:

Irava, Wayne Jeremy. “Familiness Qualities, Entrepreneurial Orientation and Long-term Performance Advantage”. Ph.D. dissertation, Bond University, Australia, 2009.

Winner of the Best Doctoral Paper at the FERC Conference in Cancun, April 2010:

Jose Parada, Maria and Alexandra Joseph. “Sustaining Competitive Advantage in a World of Giants: The Case of Firms in the Pharmaceutical Industry”. Ph.D. dissertation, 2010.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​