The STEP Project addresses many of the most pressing concerns business families have about how to secure their legacy across generations.

Some concerns include:

  • How to define transgenerational entrepreneurship and wealth creation
  • How to manage an existing business while renewing and creating the new
  • How families can find their familiness advantage in long-term wealth creation
  • How to determine if the family group has an entrepreneurial orientation
  • How to evaluate if the family has the relationship capital to continue its entrepreneurial legacies
  • How to structure the family organization for entrepreneurial activity
  • How to create a compelling multigenerational vision and team for tomorrow’s marketplace
  • How the family group can become the engine for transgenerational entrepreneurship
  • How to address diverse risk profiles and financial interests in the family group
  • How to create next-generation entrepreneurs in the family and business
  • How to balance family lifestyle and entrepreneurial growth goals
  • How to assess resources and capabilities for transgenerational entrepreneurship
  • How to pick and build new resources while shedding old ones in the family group
  • How families create new businesses for the next generation of their business or group
  • How to distinguish between long-run growth strategies and harvest strategies

“During the Summit we were able to discuss between our brothers, with the academics and with other family businesses about topics that we can never talk about at the office at home with the distraction of telephones, secretaries and daily operations. It has been very important for me to be able to get the members of my family involved in shareholder discussions.”

—Ramon Carbonell