As part of the John E. and Alice L. Butler Venture Accelerator Program, the undergraduate and graduate Hatcheries provide a vibrant atmosphere conducive to sharing ideas and information among student teams, faculty, executives-in-residence and visiting entrepreneurs.

The Hatcheries function like incubators where student entrepreneurs have access to professional and semiprivate workspace to grow their businesses. Student businesses go through an application process before they are selected. Teams are awarded space in the Hatcheries one term at a time.

Spring 2015 Hatchery Businesses

Graduate Students

Blackrock Farming

Patricio Dotras M'15 and Christian Bax M'15

Blackrock Farming is a boutique private equity fund that invests in agricultural businesses.

FedWell Pet Foods >> (@FedWellPetFoods)

Emily Lagasse M'15

FedWell Pet Foods is offering home-style meals for dogs in a convenient format.


William Ruiz M'16, Saja Alhussein M'16 and Mayuresh Soni M'16

FoodME uses your diet preferences, budget, and location to deliver you a meal that has been highly rated and ordered by thousands of other customers!

Rent Marketplace

Fernando Duque M'16 and Patricio Toussaint M'16

Rent Marketplace is a peer to peer platform dedicated to renting goods and services.

Spreads&Beyond (@Spreads_Beyond)

Octavia Costea M'15

Spreads&Beyond offers premium fruit spreads, free of any added sugars, artificial pectin, or juice from concentrate.

SuperHealos (@Superhealos)

Yuanyuan Yin M'15

SuperHealos provides an ecosystem of clothing, stories, and community to empower children to face life’s challenges.

Undergraduate Students


Akeem Allen '17

CREED is an not-for-profit entrepreneurship education program that is currently being operated in the Mamelodi Township in South Africa. CREED’s mission is to inspire learners to recognize and pursue opportunities through an entrepreneurial scope, and empower them to be change makers in their communities.

Hey! HeadsUp >>

Arjun Bhatnagar '18 and Andrew Coca '18

Hey! HeadsUp is an interactive service that schedules reminders onto another’s calendar or to-do list.

Intelligent Payment Networks >>

Max Miller '16 and Eveline Dang '15 

Intelligent Payment Networks consults businesses with their payment solutions, making sure that merchants have the most updated yet cost-effective payment systems. In doing so, Intelligent Payment Networks covers the following main areas: payment processing, POS solutions, auxiliary services (digital wallet acceptance, online ordering, mobile loyalty programs, mobile marketing, and websites, etc.).

Meet Eugene, Inc. (@meet_eugene )

Brianna Stiklickas '15

Meet Eugene, Inc. is an exotic pet food company whose first product line focuses on hedgehog food. Meet Eugene provides hedgehogs with top quality nutrients similar to its food in the wild to promote health and longevity.

Mento, Inc.

Ativ Patel '17

Mento is a mobile app development company focusing on building social communities.

Student Reform Initiative

Marvin Tarawally '17

Student Reform Initiative addresses the educational deficit in Liberia. SRI’s vision is to see every child and young person’s dreams activated through an educational system that empowers and inspires them to take on meaningful roles in redefining their communities.