As part of the John E. and Alice L. Butler Venture Accelerator Program, the undergraduate and graduate Hatcheries provide a vibrant atmosphere conducive to sharing ideas and information among student teams, faculty, executives-in-residence and visiting entrepreneurs.

The Hatcheries function like incubators where student entrepreneurs have access to professional and semiprivate workspace to grow their businesses. Student businesses go through an application process before they are selected. Teams are awarded space in the Hatcheries one term at a time.

Summer 2015 Hatchery Businesses

Bluewire Audio

Emily Proos '15

Bluewire Audio makes wearable speakers for active use that eliminate the safety and convenience concerns associated with standard earbuds.


Marielle De Blois M'16

CRECE trains underprivileged people with the specific skills needed for entry-level jobs while providing companies with a skilled workforce.


Christopher Dowd M'16

CrowdLever is an online sales channel where all profits from sales go towards the creation of new American clean and responsible energy, the mechanics of our process and platform create value for consumers, through deals and social networks, and corporations through increased consumer demand, capital for projects, and social responsibility marketing.

FedWell Pet Foods ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​» (@FedWellPetFoods)

Emily Lagasse M'15

FedWell Pet Foods is offering home-style meals for dogs in a convenient format.

Hey! HeadsUp ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​»

Arjun Bhatnagar '18

Hey! HeadsUp is an interactive service that schedules reminders onto another’s calendar or to-do list.


Sam Sternweiler '17

Using real time customization, we provide customers with a fun and easy-to-use platform to design fine jewelry from the comfort of their own home.

McLee Oil

Kun-Che Lee M'15

McLee Oil provides quality camellia oil, making cooking in higher temperature both healthy and tasty.