Campus-Wide Programs

Gender Enlightened

CWEL promotes a “Gender Enlightened” campus culture that supports a new generation of leaders who understand, manage and lead with gender aptitude. We do this by raising students' awareness about the role of gender as it relates to their current lives and their futures as entrepreneurial leaders. Current initiatives include the Gender Works campaign which focuses on current understanding and common misperceptions about gender; a Gender Task Force of faculty, staff and others that investigates opportunities for CWEL to be a resource to the campus community on gender and gender-related issues; the UG Gender Justice League which advocates and educates students about gender issues relevant to them; and the Gender in the Classroom initiative which is undertaking an analysis of classroom materials from a gender perspective and is developing gender literacy modules for introduction into required freshman courses. The CWEL also sponsors student organizations that demonstrate a commitment to gender balance in their programming.

Speakers Bureau

The objective of the CWEL Women’s Speakers Bureau (WSB) is to create gender balance in the entrepreneurial leader role models and experts seen on campus. The WSB database of successful women entrepreneurial leaders provides student groups, faculty, and staff the ability to identify potential women speakers for a wide range of campus events. Users enter search terms such as: type of speaking activity (i.e., keynote, panel, in-class expert); industry expertise; geography; fee or honorarium requirements; and college affiliation. A list of speakers who have agreed in advance to be listed in the database is generated and event organizers take it from there.

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