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Delivering the CWEL value proposition to women graduate students.

The CWEL is integrated in the graduate student experience through programs that support development of mentor and network relationships, provide financial support to attend important women’s leadership events, and deliver impactful learning opportunities that meet students’ leadership development needs at this critical stage of their careers. The Center also is proud supporter of Forte Foundation scholars program. CWEL works closely with the Babson Association of Women MBAs (BAWMBA) to continuously refine programs to focus on the most relevant needs of our students.

Onboarding Allies Program

The pilot Onboarding Allies program connects incoming Fast Track women students with a recent Fast Track program alumna who can share insights about her own Fast Track experiences. The initiative was created based on feedback from recent Fast Track graduate who indicated that an early connection to another woman who had recently successfully navigated the program would be a welcome resource. The program consists of three email connections over 90 days. Beyond the 90-day formal program participants are encouraged to “stay in touch” as is desirable and feasible to both the ally and the new student.

Reverse Commute Conference Program

The CWEL “Reverse Commute” program offers financial support for women students to build networks and access role models in greater Boston business ecosystem. In return, students write a blog that shares key insights gained from attending the event for the CWEL website.

Scholarship Program

CWEL is proud to support Babson Women Forté Scholars. Forté Foundation is a consortium of major corporations and top business schools that has become a powerful change agent in educating and directing talented women toward leadership roles in business. CWEL also provides stipends for BAWMBA students to attend the Forté Annual Conference for Women MBAs. About Forté ›

BAWMBA “Women In” Dinners

CWEL sponsors Women in Finance, Women in Marketing, and Women in Entrepreneurship dinners, organized and hosted by the Babson Association of Women MBAs. These events engage successful women leaders from each discipline in an evening of networking and career insight exchange with Babson women graduate students.

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