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Creating Social Value

Creating Social Value

Social value creation is a journey and each company charts its own path through uncertain and complex terrain.

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The entrepreneurial leaders profiled in this book are trail-blazers in this new business landscape using both strategy and innovation to generate profits and social value simultaneously.

Creating Social Value focuses on the motivations and preoccupations of entrepreneurial leaders as they look to activate change within their companies, in their sectors, value chains and even through co-creating partnerships with their competitors. Such change requires fundamentally new styles of leadership and business design where companies seek to be generative rather than extractive.

This book sets out a manifesto for Social Value Creation, defining it as a strategy that combines a unique set of corporate assets (including innovation capacities, marketing skills, managerial acumen, employee engagement, scale) in collaboration with the assets of other sectors and firms to co-create breakthrough solutions to complex economic, social and environmental issues that impact the sustainability of both business and society.​ 

Additional Content

The conversations that began in this book are just the beginning. We continue to bring in companies, to encourage our students to be actively curious and committed to creating social value, and continue the dialogue here with additional discussions, cases and findings.

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