Food Sol

Food Sol Community Table

Community Table

Babson, Boston, New York

For eaters and entre­pre­neurs to connect and share for action. Design is always one table, one conver­sation, with attendees driving the content.

People have found partners, expanded networks, and reached retail all as direct results of attending Community Table. No registration required. Simply come when you can, leave when you need to, bring your lunch or a snack if you wish.

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Community Table

Babson College

Weekly:  Tuesdays, 1–2 p.m.

Blank Center, Ground floor

Host: Food Sol

Babson Tables feature special guests:

Oct 24 - Tyler Gage, Runa Tea
Oct 31 - Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli, formerly ICO Bar
Nov 7 - Dana Masterpolo (M'01), Bantam Cider & Michael Kurson (B'18), Briggs Original
Nov 15 - Gail Simmons (Babson EIR), special day/time
Dec 4 - Founding farmers, Organic Valley, special day/time

Boston, MA

Monthly:  Thursdays, 12–1 p.m.

121 Devonshire Street (see Host link for floor)Community Table

Host: Branchfood

Dec 7
Jan 4
Feb 1
Mar 1
Apr 5
May 3

New York, NY

Monthly:  Wednesdays, 10–12 p.m. 

411 Lafayette, 5th floor

Host: NYU Food Studies (contact: Patricia Duffy)

Dec 6
Jan 24
Feb 14
Mar 7
Apr 4
May 2

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