Leonard A. Schlesinger Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial approaches to the world’s biggest health challenges.

About the Fund

The Schlesinger Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship is housed within the Lewis Institute for Social Innovation at Babson since 2013. We are supported by the Kletjian Foundation whose mission is to build collaborative networks and support entrepreneurial leaders that promote global health equity. The fund provides opportunities for Babson faculty and students to apply Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® (ETA) to global health challenges.

Meet the Team:
Wiljeana Glover, Faculty  Director
Rebecca Obounou, Assistant Director
Sthuthi Jebaraj, Graduate Assistant

What is Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship?

We define Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship as a field of study and practice that aims to
  1. Improve Existing Healthcare Organizations & Processes,
  2. Create New Organizations and Processes,
  3. Improve How Organizations Keep All Stakeholders Healthy, with a focus on healthcare practices in the U.S. and abroad.
This definition of GHE utilizes strategic, cultural, and political lenses to meet these aims.

Why Does Global Health Need Entrepreneurship?

As our world's health care systems strain to deliver prompt effective care under countless, ever-changing barriers, the emerging field of global health entrepreneurship (GHE) at Babson College addresses the challenges posed in the field of global health. The barriers to delivering quality care are many, and they require us to think not just about one specific disease but rather about health systems overall. Entrepreneurial thought and strategic action help us re-imagine the global health agenda and think differently about the paths to poverty alleviation and building a vibrant entrepreneurial eco-system in support of local health delivery systems.

Our Programs

We offer a myriad of opportunities for Babson faculty and students, and the local greater Boston and international communities to connect. Through the power of collaboration, we leverage the existing work of other phenomenal partners engaged in complementary efforts to offer rich opportunities for learning and breakthrough interactions to the Babson and larger community. Among the organizations with which we have partnered include The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, Consortium for Affordable Medical (CAMTech) and Harvard Medical School Program for Global Surgery and Social Change (PGSSC). Below are our offerings.

Thought Leadership

  • Case Studies – Through our cases, we explore health system challenges ranging from human resource development to electronic medical record systems and are freely available online to both students and educators.  
  • Faculty Research Funding – In partnership with the Babson Faculty Research Fund (BFRF), the Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship makes funds available to support faculty in research related to global health and healthcare entrepreneurship.

More on GHE Thought Leadership work

Student Programs

  • Global Health Start-up Coaching – We offer support to new Babson student ventures that address existing challenges in the global healthcare systems.
  • International Experiences–  We offer sponsored summer internships this summer.
  • GHE Internships – We engage one to two student interns a year to work on our GHE efforts.

More information on our Student Programs

Learning Events

  • Interactive learning events – Our community is able to apply their entrepreneurial and teamwork skills at our events whether the event is a hack-a-thon, or problem-solving exercise with entrepreneurs.
  • Disrupting Global Health Seminar Series – This seminar series features individuals and organizations that is engaged in work that are changing global healthcare delivery systems all over the world. Topics include impact investing, off grid energy solutions and much more.

Upcoming 2017 Learning Events

Mon. Oct. 30 - Telemedicine Innovation & Finance. Opportunities in the U.S. and Abroad, 5-6:30 ,Olin 125- Design Thinking Zone
(Immediately following CCD event - Healthcare Funding Innovations, Information Session & Networking)

Steve is coming to campus to share the story of his company’s telemedicine pilot venture, Piestus. Piestus provides remote medical care at affordable prices. It has been implemented in India, Paskistan and parts of Africa. This award-winning technology went from reaching 77,000 people in its first year to reaching over 2.5 million people this year in remote locations in these regions. You will also hear about how Steve became involved in healthcare innovation financing and the perspectives of his colleagues on global health financing. View a video report here.

Accompanying Stephen are affiliate healthcare financing organizations  RedCrow Equity Crowdfunding, a crowd-fund equity platform for healthcare innovations.  J&B Medical is 1 of the fastest growing and most successful family businesses and medical distribution companies in the world doing seven figures in annual sales and impacting millions around the globe. A light reception will be provided.

Register here: bit.ly/GHETelemed2

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