Social Innovation Lab Programs

Babson Social Innovation Lab

Extending The Lewis Institute’s thought leadership the Babson Social Innovation Lab, powered by Toyota, is an action tank that incubates people and ideas. New concepts in social innovation are prototyped, evaluated, and proven in real-world contexts. The Babson Social Innovation Lab brings together a global, interdisciplinary community dedicated to building a better world. 

The Social Innovation Lab employs Babson’s Uncommon Table methodology, which fosters “smart action” by bringing together diverse audiences with unique strengths and perspectives to address critical dilemmas facing the world.​​

The Social Innovation Lab currently is involved in the following action projects:

Food Sol

Food Sol creates hubs that support both students and food entrepreneurs in growing their positive ideas and actions for the food system. Our lens on business and entrepreneurship frames a steady eye on food solutions that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable simultaneously not sequentially.

The Leonard A. Schlesinger Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship​

The Leonard A. Schlesinger Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship provides opportunities for Babson faculty and students to apply their entrepreneurial skills to the field of global health. As its first project, the fund is working with the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery on the writing of several traditional and living case studies on access to and innovations in surgical care around the world.

Lean for Social Innovation

Lean for Social Innovation is an undergraduate-level course that applies principles of lean thinking and the Toyota Production System to the social sector. Through this course, students have impacted operational efficiencies with nonprofits such as The Greater Boston Food Bank, The Salvation Army, and the VA.

Social Sector ​Impact

The Social Sector Impact initiative uses Babson’s ET&ATM methodology to engage the philanthropic and non-profit communities to address the pressing changes and disruptions happening in the social sector. Specifically, this initiative focuses on accelerating and growing the Babson Board Fellows​ program, as well as expanding the curriculum both for Babson students and the broader social sector community. 

Women’s Entrepreneurial Development Lab

Partnering with the International NGO Made By Survivors (MBS), the Women’s Entrepreneurial Development Lab is dedicated to raising the social and economic status of marginalized female populations.​​​