​The Babson Boston Cup

The Babson Boston Cup is the culmination of our Youth Entrepreneurial Leadership Programs and takes place in the Spring on Babson College Wellesley Campus. In this battle of the ventures, young entrepreneurs identify opportunities for innovation, share with peers and industry experts about the value they are capable of adding, and ask for the resources they need to move forward. Winners will receive thousands of dollars of seed money and the Babson Boston Cup trophy in their school for one year.

Educators: For strategies and resources to create entrepreneurial learning atmospheres in your organization, check out our companion curriculum, Activating Babson's Pre-College Curriculum (ACTIVATE). Babson’s ACTIVATE program is a project-based, high school curriculum focused on providing an opportunity for students to turn their ideas into action. Visit the ACTIVATE website for more information.


Three Minutes, Three Slides is all each team will have to pitch their venture idea that can solve a problem in the students’ communities and is actionable within six months. Teams of students from area schools will compete at Babson College for the chance to win the Babson Boston Cup. 

The Opportunity

This slide should focus on describing the opportunity that the team has explored, the reason this opportunity is interesting to the team and potential customers, the proposed solution, and the dramatic difference in this solution over any existing solutions. 

The Market

This slide should provide general information and estimates that defines the target market, determines the size of that market, and identifies your competitors.


This slide should illustrate the feasibility of your business, including findings from qualitative and quantitative research, an outline of your marketing strategy, financial projections, and anticipated risks.

2017 Winners

Grand Prize:  PrepUP                   

Website: http://www.prepupapp.com/

Team: Akhilesh Khakhar of Brooklyn Technical High School

PrepUP is an app gamifying SAT and ACT study prep through live head–to-head competition with other students. Akhilesh was inspired to create PrepUP after a concussion two years ago led him to observe that school work and studying were taking longer to complete. "I studied how to study," says Akhilesh, "and that's when I learned about gamification as a strategy for learning." PrepUP is currently available in the Apple app store, and Akhilesh plans to use his prize money to help make a version available for an Android platform.

1st Runner Up: Vibes, Inc.

See the product in action: YouTube video

Team: Matteo Greenberg and Henry Johnson (Newton North High School), Max Kouroriez (Boston College High School), and Sarah Ly (Boston Latin School)

Vibes, Inc.'s wearable technology, the HearMuff™, is built at the crossroads of comfort and innovation, infusing comfortable and secure fleece-lined earmuffs with two powerful 40mm speakers boasting Hi-Fi Stereo Sound. The team hopes to use their prize money to find a manufacturer who can create custom embroidered logos for cold-weather sports teams. Vibes also hopes to create a foldable, more portable version for travelers.

2nd Runner Up: P.O.P. Tents

Team: JP Collins, Aidan McCool, Dan Taylor, and Sam Meurer (St. John's Preparatory School)

P.O.P. Tents seeks to integrate new technology into the tent industry to attract a new generation of campers. Products would include cellulose insulation to reduce heat loss and gain as well as solar strips for lighting the tent and charging small devices, such as cell phones. The team plans to use their prize money to create a working product prototype and launch a website that would document their continued progress during the next phase of their business.  


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