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Message from the Undergraduate Dean​

Dean Scott Moore

Undergraduate Dean Scott Moore

The Babson undergraduate program is one of a kind. We prepare students with our unique focus on Entrepreneurship of All Kinds™ and Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® (ET&A). I truly believe that a Babson education uniquely prepares graduates for success and accomplishments in both their work and personal lives because it prepares them for informed action.

Babson produces graduates who have lived and applied—and not just thought about—ET&A. They have recognized or created opportunities, designed an approach to the problem, recruited a team, assembled resources, and delivered the solution. Again, students have done this and not just talked about it, theorized about it, and studied it. (See our amazing and internationally recognized FME class for an example.) However, students not only apply ET&A in their classes, they also apply it in their cocurricular and extracurricular activities, thereby gaining additional opportunities for learning about themselves, others, and the world. This is not an accident, and it is a big part of what makes Babson special.

Our educational experience is unique because it is the result of the intersecting efforts, interests, and capabilities of the five pillars of our community:


All schools say they have amazing faculty. We don’t have to say it—ours has demonstrated their dedication to the school and to students by spending many hundreds of hours the past two years redesigning the entire curriculum and the multitude of ways that courses are integrated. (The old curriculum was part of a program that has been recognized by U.S.News & World Report as No. 1 in entrepreneurship for 17 consecutive times, but they changed it anyway. That’s amazing.) This curriculum provides the theoretical basis of and experiences with ET&A. It encompasses classes in all the traditional business disciplines (finance, marketing, et al.) and the liberal arts (including arts and humanities, history and society, math and science, and economics) with deeper dives into the student’s chosen concentration. Our entrepreneurial focus is woven into classes throughout the curriculum (as well as in the classes offered by our Entrepreneurship faculty).


Only a small portion of a student’s week is spent in the classroom; many more hours are spent elsewhere. A unique, and one that would be extremely difficult to replicate, dimension of a Babson education is how our staff have designed our cocurricular and extracurricular activities to intentionally support the college’s learning goals. In short, developing a student’s entrepreneurial leadership with a global mindset. In or out of a class, a Babson student can improve as an entrepreneur.


We have the world’s most intentionally diverse student body. Each year, approximately 25 to 30 percent of our students are domestic minorities, 25 to 30 percent are international students, and 50 percent are female. Further, these students have an incredibly diverse set of interests, life goals, and career goals—and our staff and faculty and students are there to provide support and make connections. No matter where they are from or who they are or what their interests are, students should be able to find kindred spirits.


Our incredibly diverse student body absolutely results in a geographically diverse alumni in many industries. Our alumni give back to the college with their advocacy, volunteerism, and philanthropy. Each of these efforts enables Babson to more effectively fulfill its purpose and reach more students. Many of our alumni act as mentors to our students (through CLTP) or provide projects for a class (such as in MCFE).

Organizational and Entrepreneurial Partners

Babson works with many organizational partners of all types and in many locations, from for-profit to not-for-profit or governmental. The college also has partners who are experienced with and involved in entrepreneurial ventures in Boston, San Francisco, and wherever people are creating jobs and organizations.

Blending all of these ingredients together and adding them to the amazingly beautiful campus that we have here in Massachusetts, Babson provides an educational experience that is one of a kind, and is one that instills pride. I invite you to learn about Babson and hope to see you soon in New England!

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