​​​Dean of Faculty

Bala Iyer

Babson College is home to world-class professors, with expertise in a wide variety of fields ranging from analytics to literature and culture. More than 160 full-time and 75 part-time faculty members teach in the undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs. What you will find in common among faculty is deep expertise in their subject areas and unmatched passion and commitment to teaching.

Professor Bala Iyer is Babson’s dean of faculty. Iyer has been at Babson since 2006, serving most recently as chair of the Technology, Operations and Information Management (TOIM) Division. As dean of faculty, Iyer influences the College’s thinking on the faculty of the future, supporting Babson’s commitment to three strategic focus areas—family business, social innovation, and women’s entrepreneurship.

A lifelong learner, Iyer has gotten to know Babson faculty and their interests quite closely and continually learns from the many academic leaders and insightful practitioners at the College. Outside of the classroom, Iyer leads Babson’s faculty recruitment and development, represents the voice of the faculty in the College’s strategic planning, and fosters a climate of teaching and research excellence across the institution.

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