Appointments Committee

The Appointments Decision-Making Body (ADMB) has a shared responsibility with the Board of Trustees, President of the College, Provost, Dean of Faculty, and Division chairs for the award of tenure, granting of promotion, and renewal of non-tenure contracts.

The Appointments Committee consists of seven members of the faculty, who have been offered tenure, each of whom serves for two years and each of whom may be elected to no more than two successive two-year terms. Five serve as regular voting members of the committee, with the remaining two faculty serving as committee alternates. Current members of the committee are:

  • Gordon, Steven, TOIM
  • Jones, Kent, ECN
  • Rollag, Keith, MGT
  • Seitz, Brian, A&H
  • Stoddard, Donna, TOIM
  • Troxell, Denise, M&S
  • Zacharakis, Andrew, EPS
  • Carolyn Hotchkiss, Dean of Faculty (serves ex-officio and has no vote)