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Bala   Iyer  

Division Chair of TOIM

Professor of Information Technology Management,  William D. Bygrave Senior Term Chair
B.E., Anna University
M.S., Louisiana State University
Ph.D., New York University

Professor Iyer received his Ph.D. from New York University with a minor in computer science. His research interests include exploring the role of IT architectures in delivering business capabilities, designing knowledge management systems using concepts from systems design, hypertext design and workflow management, querying complex dynamic systems, and designing model management systems.

Recently, he has begun to analyze the software industry to understand the logic and patterns of emergence of architecture from two complementary perspectives. One: the emergent architecture as a network of connections among a set of components (modules) that interoperate across one or more platforms. Two: the emergent architecture is the result of moves and countermoves by different companies supplying these modules and platforms.

He has published papers in the Journal of Management Information Systems, California Management Review, Communications of the ACM, Communications of AIS, Decision Support Systems, Annals of Operations Research, Journal of the Operational Research Society and in several proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference of Systems Sciences.