​CAM – Accelerate Curriculum

Certificate in Advanced Management Program

The curriculum of our full-time Certificate in Advanced Management (CAM) – Accelerate program is designed to prepare you to identify opportunities and obstacles facing ventures in a global marketplace.

During the course of two semesters, CAM – Accelerate delivers an integrated set of classes that focuses on developing your ability to think and act entrepreneurially. You’ll gain the financial acumen necessary to successfully grow a business, while also learning how to effectively communicate to a variety of consumers around the world.

Academic experience highlights:

  • Two-semester, 15-credit, full-time program. Students are eligible for the F-1 student visa and OPT.
  • CAM Accelerate classes are held at Babson’s new downtown Boston campus and taught by experienced professors committed to your success.
  • Cohort experience with students from around the world.
  • Access to company field treks and student clubs, as well as events and programs offered by Babson’s academic centers.

Successful completion of the program allows students to apply to the MBA program without taking the GMAT or GRE. And, you can apply the credits earned in CAM – Accelerate toward your Babson MBA.

Learn more about current CAM – Accelerate courses

Future Trends in Entrepreneurial Ventures

Changing industry and market forces create scalable, emergent markets for new ventures. Entrepreneurs and corporate innovators who can grasp future trends have a distinct advantage in being able to focus their efforts where opportunities and markets converge. In this course, we will scan the future in three areas (Business and Economic, Technology, and Organization) that are further expanded into 12 dimensions.

The goal of this course is to create an understanding of how to develop entrepreneurial and innovative vision and action in order to scan, identify, and test future customer needs; design products and services to meet those needs; and build support from the entrepreneurial ecosystem including investors and business partners. Students will develop an understanding of the future that applies to her/his own innovation leadership vision; identify key future factors that allow innovative leaders to address customer needs currently unmet; and develop an action approach to scale an opportunity with an assessment of future trends and markets.

Financial Acumen

Are financial statements a mystery to you? Do all those terms and metrics make your head spin? Do you avoid conversations with your finance leaders because you are not confident of your finance ability? Have you been promoted to (or been avoiding) a position that requires you to forecast the financial impact of suggested actions? Having a solid understanding of financial terms, statements, cost behavior and metrics is critical to becoming a successful entrepreneur or manager. In the Financial Acumen course, you will learn how to interpret and use the information contained in the financial statements to make key operating decisions, evaluate business performance, and create forecasts of profits and cash flow.

Whether you are considering a career move into accounting or finance or just trying to increase your financial literacy to apply that knowledge to an existing or new venture or employment opportunity, this engaging course will provide the accounting foundation you need to achieve your goals.

Communication in a Global Context

In today’s competitive, global environment, effective communication is at the core of business success.

This course assumes that our abilities to think strategically and to communicate powerfully in the global marketplace are profoundly influenced by culture, gender, ethnicity, and technology. We’ll examine the knowledge, mindfulness, and behaviors that lead to more successful business engagements with our clients. We’ll then combine theory with action in order to discover and enact best practices in global business relationships.

This course does not prescribe protocols of behavior in different geographies. Instead, by increasing our own cultural awareness, we’ll be in a position to observe, respect, and communicate in ways that lead to success. The key is to adapt to other contexts, but without sacrificing our own cultural identities and authenticity.

Global Business, Institutions and Policies

The course aims at exploring the institutional and policy contexts in which businesses develop both national and global strategies. The course expands students’ understanding of global contextual factors impacting business, and helps them develop deeper local, national, and global perspectives on competition.

To achieve this goal, the course explores the contextual sources of firms’ competitive advantage and disadvantage, helping understand why firms from different countries tend to emphasize different dimensions of competition, behave differently in global markets, and have different organizational structures. In particular, we analyze the impact of formal and informal institutions, corporate governance systems, legal systems, innovation systems, government policies, non-market actors, and international financial institutions, among others.

Students learn how to identify institutional opportunities and constraints in local, national, and global settings, and how firms can leverage these opportunities and constraints. Teaching is discussion-driven and involves case analysis.

Entrepreneurial Finance

This course focuses on raising seed and growth capital from venture capital, business angels, investment banking, and commercial banking sources, as well as financial problems unique to the small- and medium-sized firms undergoing rapid growth. We will examine actual proposals made to venture capital firms, particularly in terms of their financial viability. The course also examines financial management for entrepreneurs over the life of a business project. Other topics include financing start-ups, financial planning for the nonpublic smaller enterprise, going public, selling out, bankruptcy, sources of capital, and more.

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