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Global Management Concentration

The Global Management Concentration at Babson is a rigorous program for students who are truly dedicated to pursuing an internationally oriented education and career. This program encourages Babson students to study abroad, think globally, and to pursue a variety of international business and area studies courses.

By combining 9 credits of course work with an experiential component to broaden the understanding of global management, students interested in internationally active firms will achieve depth in a skill area – such as marketing or finance – and acquire a global mindset.

The Global Management Concentration will be noted on your MBA transcript.

Requirement A (3 credits total)

Objective: To build the base for Global Management

  • MOB7559 Global Strategic Management

 Requirement B (3 credits total)

Objective: To deepen the understanding of Global Management  

  • MKT7560 Global Marketing Strategy, 3 credits

  • FIN7509 International Finance, 1.5 credits

  • ECN7570 Global Trade: Policy and Strategy, 1.5 credits

  • ECN7525 Global Trade and Direct Investment: Policy and Strategy, 3.0 credits

  • ECN7572 International Business Cycles, 1.5 credits

  • MBA7505 Leading in a Hyperconnected World, 3 credits

  • MOB7170 Developing International Ventures, 3 credits

  • MOB7543 Managing a Diverse Workplace, 3 credits

  • MOB7576 Global Business Communication, 1.5 credits

  • MOB9520-66 Influencing in a Global Context, 1.5 credits

  • MBA7366 Business Environment of the New Europe, 1.5 credits

  • SPN3600: Cinema, Culture, Conversation, 1.5 credits

  • MKT9510 Developing Global Markets for Technical Products – Europe, 1.5 credits 

  • MKT8036 Advanced Global Marketing, 3 credits

Requirement C (3 credits total)*

Objective: To broaden the experience of Global Management

  • Electives Abroad, 3 credits

  • Joint Management Consulting Field Experience, 3 credits

  • Global Management Independent Study, 1.5 to 3 credits (see GPSA for approval process)

  • Management Consulting Field Experience, 3.0 credits (qualifying projects will be notated in the MCFE Project Catalogue)

  • Global Management Program, 1.5 – 3.0 credits (see Glavin Office for approval process)

  • Study Abroad, usually 3 credits per course 
    * All options above require students to go through an application process 

Declaration and Review Process

In order to receive the Graduate Global Management Concentration, interested students must submit a completed online GMC Declaration Form. Deadlines for the submission of this form are as follows:

  • June 1 for September graduates
  • October 1 for December graduates
  • February 1 for May graduates
An audit will be performed for students pursuing the concentration upon completion of their final semester (generally in the week following grade submission). Students who have submitted the declaration form and successfully completed the concentration requirements will see the concentration noted on their final transcript.

Additional Information

For more information on the Graduate Global Management Concentration requirements, please contact Professor Sam Hariharan.