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The MS in Entrepreneurial Leadership is a nine-month, cohort-based program that prepares students to lead in the workplace and world with confidence, creativity, and a focus on social, economic, and environmental responsibility and sustainability.

The program consists of two, 14-week semesters during which students will take an integrated set of courses in marketing, economics, accounting, operations, management, finance, and strategy. To complement and support the coursework, students will participate in leadership activities and two experiential learning projects.


Skill Building and Orientation
Prior to the official start of the program, students will receive the preparation needed to make an impact in the program.

Leading Entrepreneurial Action Project (LEAP)
9 credits, 2 semesters
This course will span the duration of the MS in Entrepreneurial Leadership program. Working as part of a team, you will define, design, and develop a business or initiative that solves a problem. All courses taken as part of the MS in Entrepreneurial Leadership are explicitly linked to the LEAP experience.

Individual Leadership Development Experience (ILDE)
This course will span the duration of the MS in Entrepreneurial Leadership program. You will participate in cocurricular programming that will focus on your development as an entrepreneurial leader. Comprised of skill-building sessions, seminars with Babson’s centers and institutes, and opportunities for reflection, this aspect of the program will provide support as you change and grow.

Fall Semester 1 (16.5 credits)

  • Customer and Marketing Engagement (3 credits)
  • Big Data and Business Analytics (2 credits)
  • Delivering Value Through Operations (2 credits)
  • Measuring and Forecasting Financial Performance (1.5 credits)
  • Measuring and Managing Strategic Performance (1.5 credits)
  • Information Technology for Entrepreneurial Leaders (2 credits)

Spring Semester 2 (13.5 credits)

  • Opportunity Assessment and Strategy Development-with GSCP (3 credits)
  • Finance (3 credits)
  • Topics in Economics (3 credits)

Teaching Experience

This experience takes place twice a year. You will share your passion and knowledge  about new venture creation through Babson’s partnership with the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship. You’ll have the opportunity to coach aspiring high school entrepreneurs in low income communities in fall and spring.

Global Experience: Global Strategic Consulting Project (GSCP)

This experience takes place during spring break. You will engage in a consulting project to address a real issue being experienced by an international company or organization. As part of your consulting work, you will present a strategic solution to the organization. This experience is part of your strategy course.

Learn more about the curriculum and view course descriptions (pdf).