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MS in Entrepreneurial Leadership Learning Goals

The student learning goals for Babson’s MS in Entrepreneurial Leadership program are consistent with the College mission to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value everywhere.

Babson regularly assesses these learning goals as part of its commitment to continuous program improvement. Babson MSM graduates are competent in the following:

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Acting

Babson MSM graduates create, identify, assess, shape, and act on opportunities in a variety of contexts and organizations.

Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility

Babson MSM graduates make decisions based on an awareness of relevant stakeholders, ethical considerations, and an attempt to create and sustain social, environmental, and economic value.

Self and Contextual Awareness

Babson MSM graduates understand their sense of purpose, identity, and context, and use this understanding to inform their decisions.

Managing in a Global Environment

Babson MSM graduates incorporate cultural context and complexities when managing in a global environment.

Leadership and Teamwork

Babson MSM graduates exercise appropriate leadership, value diverse perspectives and skills, and work collaboratively to accomplish organizational goals in a changing environment.

Innovative Problem Solving

Babson MSM graduates develop creative solutions to challenging problems, and generate economic and socially valuable outcomes.​