Accelerated Undergraduate Degree

Save time and money when you graduate in as little as three years.

Pursue a Streamlined Path to Your Degree.

At Babson, we offer accelerated degree options to match your unique personal and professional goals. You may graduate in three or 3½ years—whether or not you use Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate credits—and immediately begin using your Babson education to make an impact.

Why Graduate Early?

Choose an accelerated degree path so you can:

  • Get a jump-start on your career
  • Save up to 25% on overall college expenses
  • Join your family business
  • Pursue an entrepreneurial venture

What Can An Accelerated Path Look Like?

Here are two examples:

Student 1: Graduated in 3½ years

Student 1

Her Reason: Interested in launching her startup.

How She Did It: She increased her course load during selected semesters. While in Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME), she started a business and took part in Babson’s Summer Venture Program where she continued to grow her business.

The Outcome: Having developed a vibrant network and critical entrepreneurial skills, she graduated and focused full time on her venture.

Student 2: Graduated in 3 years

Student 2

His Reason: Wanted to minimize student expenses and start his career early.

How He Did It: With 16 AP credits, he was able to participate in an independent research project and an education-abroad program in London.

The Outcome: Following graduation, he accepted a full-time offer in a finance rotation program and was able to begin work immediately.

10% of Babson Students on Average Graduate Early.

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