Undergraduate Academics

Babson offers a Bachelor of Science degree to future leaders looking to create social and economic value around the world.

The academic experience at Babson is uniquely designed for students who want to study business while developing an entrepreneurial mindset and gaining real-world experience. Our focus ​on Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® enables you to discover your strengths, pursue your passions, and create your path to success.

You’ll be taught by accessible faculty members committed to your growth who use their practical knowledge and research to elevate your classroom experience. Our courses integrate core management skills with liberal arts and the sciences, breaking down barriers between disciplines to provide you with a balanced, innovative education. You will learn business fundamentals, but you also may take classes in real estate. And, crowd funding. And, espionage literature. And, natural disasters. And, entertainment law.

At Babson, you learn to:

  • ​Think entrepreneurially, turning ideas into action
  • Communicate effectively when writing and speaking
  • Understand global and mul​ticultural perspectives
  • Lead teams effectively to tackle challenges
  • Analyze data to gain insights and develop strategies
  • Create socially responsible and ethical business solutions​

Throughout your four years at Babson, you’ll use what you learn in the classroom and in cocurricular activities—including internships, student clubs, and campus organizations—to develop a career strategy that sets you up to excel after graduation. ​​​

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