Liberal Arts at Babson

Build critical thinking and communication skills for the modern business world.

A strength of the Babson education is how our courses integrate business fundamentals with the arts and the sciences. Along with core management skills, you’ll develop new perspectives and insights into yourself and the world you live in, becoming a culturally aware thinker and communicator able to approach social and economic problems from different angles.

At least 50 percent of your classes will be in liberal arts. Choose from courses such as:

  • Art and Ecology
  • Imagining Nature, Imagining Ourselves
  • Sports and Literature
  • Literature and Philosophy of Madness
  • Constructing and Performing the Self
  • Global Pop

Build a lasting foundation

Get introduced to liberal arts at Babson through Arts and Humanities/History and Society Foundation (AHS), a required course that will introduce you to new aesthetic, ethical, historical, and societal perspectives.

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