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Senior-Led Seminars

For Students, By Students

Made possible by a generous gift of the Donald W. White Sr. ’50 Family, Babson now offers five classes each Spring Semester taught entirely by students in their senior year. The classes are on topics that hold special meaning with their instructors, and range from the marketing in the fashion industry to mobile app development. By sharing their passion with their peers, the seniors are able to teach topics that aren’t currently offered in the standard undergraduate curriculum. These classes are very popular among fellow students whose desire for knowledge extends beyond the typical course load.

2014 Senior-Led Seminars

Reel vs. Real: How Fictional Media Influences Reality (SEN1301)

Celeste Campbell

How does fictional media influence reality? This course will analyze movies, TV shows, and book excerpts that are fictional but marketed as "based on a true story." Students will determine the facts behind each story and examine how expectations that the media is based in reality affects perceptions. Themes will include crime, politics, and romance; potential texts include Argo, Pocahontas, Law & Order, and Pride and Prejudice.

Sports Decisions through Analytics (SEN1302)

Ryan Duff

With the new prominence of sports analytics (i.e. Moneyball, Numbers Never Lie (ESPN), and Accuscore), sports have become much more than just winning and losing. Statistical analysis can predict whether a team will become a dominant force, as well as a profitable franchise. In this course students will explore and practice sports analytics through statistical programs and techniques that analyze player and team stats in order to determine the keys to building a cohesive team.

Marketing Beauty and Fashion from an Ethical Standpoint (SEN1303)

Brittany Lo

Why are luxury brands' marketing strategies the strongest? Why are people willing to pay such high prices for these brands? How do ethical business practices determine a brand's success? The course focuses on identifying marketing differentiation strategies in the luxury sector of the beauty and fashion industry, using real world cases including L'Oreal, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton.

Mobile App Development (SEN1304)

Alexander Deeb

Who isn't interested in learning how to develop a mobile app? In this course, students will create an application on the Windows Phone platform using the C# programming language. During this process, students will learn programming fundamentals such as data types and conditional statements, as well as gain insight on how to present app ideas to developers.

Social Media Etiquette for Business Professionalism (SEN1305)

Will Hallock

Due to the growing ability to connect with others via social media, individuals' online behavior is becoming increasingly more important in the professional setting. Whether during the job search or in everyday communication, social media etiquette is an essential skill for success. Students will be exposed to theory as well as application in this course, with an emphasis on practice to include professional emails, social network profile assessments, and mock social media networking activities.


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