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Information Technology Management

An ITM concentration can prepare you for a variety of careers.  Many students who have completed the ITM concentration are hired to work as analysts in companies or consulting firms.  Others pursue a more typical IT career as programmers or database professionals. While the various IT job types have a core set of knowledge and skills, each job type also has specialized knowledge and skills. The concentration requirements are designed to provide both core and specialized knowledge and skill sets. The core is gained through two required courses, which include MIS 3660 Prototyping with Information Technology and MIS 3640 Problem Solving or MIS 3690 Web Technologies. The specialization is gained through two electives that are chosen from among several ITM courses. Students are guided in their elective selections by identifying a career interest, which more or less corresponds to one IT job type or position.

Sponsored by: Technology, Operations, and Information Management Division

Faculty Contacts: Dawna Dewire and Donna Stoddard

Faculty contacts serve as advisers to those students who have an interest in the given concentration. You should feel free to contact these faculty members with questions.

Required Courses

  • MIS 3660 Prototyping with Information Technology (usually taken junior year)

Select one of the following courses:

  • MIS 3640 Problem Solving
  • MIS 3690 Web Technologies
  • MIS 3672 Advanced Web Development

Select two of the following courses:

  • MIS 3515 High Tech Entrepreneurship: Accessing Opportunities and Viability of High-Tech Start-Ups or Products
  • MIS 3525 Enterprise 2.0: Building Social Networks to Improve Business Performance
  • MIS 3545 Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • MIS 3555 Clouds, Platforms & Networks
  • MIS 3620 Computer and Network Security
  • MIS 3625 Drupal Web Programming Essentials, Bootstrapping Innovation
  • MIS 3640 Problem Solving and Software Design*
  • MIS 3672 Advanced Web Development*
  • MIS 3690 Web Technologies*
  • MIS 4500 Information Systems Project
  • MIS 4600 Server-Side Database Implementation
  • MKT 3515 Digital Marketing
  • QTM 2601 Applications of Discrete Math
  • QTM 3674 Cryptology

*If not used to satisfy the required course.

General Guidelines

  • Students who are undecided about a concentration should take one of the required courses in order to get a feel for the IT field.
  • While four courses will satisfy the ITM concentration requirements, students are advised that employers often look for a broad and comprehensive set of IT-relted courses that go beyond this number.
  • The best course sequence is to take the core courses first, and then follow with the elective courses. However, no sequencing is mandatory excepting those indicated as course prerequisites.
  • Any X5XX course may be used to satisfy General College Credit requirements (Management Elective or Free Elective), e.g., MIS 4500.
  • Any X6XX course many be used to satisfy the Advanced Liberal Arts requirements or Free Elective requirements, e.g., MIS 3620, MIS 3640, MIS 3650, MIS 3660, MIS 3680, MIS 3690.

Related Activities

  • Students who concentrate in ITM may consider working in the college’s Information Technology and Services Division (ITSD). This division services the information technology and application needs of students, faculty and administrators through a wide variety of work efforts. Potential employers generally value this kind of work experience that involves solving real problems. Interested students may inquire with David Foscaldo at 781-239-6101
  • Students who concentrate in ITM may also consider working in the college’s Curriculum Innovation and Technology Group (CITG) area. This area conducts and supports curricula development efforts, which often involve working with multimedia and assorted Internet technologies. Potential employers would also value this kind of work experience that involves applying innovative technologies for the design and delivery of web-based content. Interested students may inquire with Tova Duby at 781-239-4516 or   
  • Finally, there are typically many part-time jobs listed on the Babson Portal system. (Go to Web Links | Undergraduates | Student Services - Student Employment | Off-campus Jobs.) Some of these jobs are technology-related. A student who concentrates in ITM may find some interesting IT-related jobs in this listing. Students who seek internships or full-time employment opportunities for after graduation are encouraged to view postings on Career Connections.
  • Students who concentrate in ITM may find the following seminar series interesting and informative: Babson Alumni Technology Council (BATC) Seminars.