Real Estate

Sponsored by: Finance Division

Faculty Contact: Richard Bliss

If your graduation date is after May 2019, then the requirements are:

  • FIN3555 Real Estate Investment
  • FIN3565 Real Estate Development
  • FIN4571 Real Estate Finance and Advanced Modeling
Plus, choose one of:
  • EPS 3501 Entrepreneurship and Opportunity
  • FIN3535 Financing and Valuing Sustainability
  • LAW 3500 Commercial Law
  • MKT 3510 Marketing Research
  • MOB 3580 Negotiations
  • HIS4626 Global Cities

If your graduation date is on or before May 2019, then the requirements can be satisfied as above, or by the following:

A) FIN3555 Real Estate Investment

B) Choose one of the following:

  • FIN3520 (Security Valuation)
  • FIN3560 (Financial Markets and Instruments)
  • FIN3565 (Real Estate Development)
  • FIN4530 (Investments)

C) Choose two of the following:

  • EPS3501 or EPS3502 (Entrepreneurship and Opportunity)
  • LAW3500 (Commerical Law)
  • MKT3510 (Marketing Research)
  • MOB3580 (Negotiations)
  • FIN4571 (Real Estate Finance and Advanced Modeling)