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Global and Regional Studies

Global and Regional Studies embraces a variety of disciplinary perspectives, with its primary focus on the complex interplay between regional cultures, history, and politics, especially in light of the ongoing processes of globalization. Combining courses that examine specific regions in depth with those that explore the contours of global communities, the concentration fosters the analytical skills needed for students to critically participate on both the local and international levels as socially responsible global citizens.

Sponsored by: History and Society Division

Faculty Contact: Stephen Deets

Faculty contacts serve as advisers to those students who have an interest in the given concentration. You should feel free to contact these faculty members with questions.

Required Courses

Students must take four courses from the list below to complete this concentration, including at least one global and one regional course. In addition, at least two courses must be at the 3600-level or above and no more than two courses can be from the same discipline (i.e. have the same three-letter designation).

Global Courses

  • ANT 3671 Material Culture
  • CVA 2431/2031 African Diaspora Studies
  • HSS 2428/2048 Global Politics
  • HSS 2433/2033 Comparative Politics
  • ECN 3650 Contemporary Economic Systems
  • ECN 3660 International Trade Theory and Policy
  • ECN 3665 International Finance
  • ENV 4600 Climate Change Politics and Policy
  • HIS 4612 Drugs and Intoxicants in World History
  • LAW 3601 Public International Law
  • LIT 3663 Limit Cases: International Literature, Film, and Economic Rights
  • LIT 3682 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Human Rights
  • MOB 3582 Global Management Communications
  • POL 3610 Ethno-Political Conflict
  • POL 3675 Justice, Revenge, and Defeat
  • POL 3680 Harry Potter and Politics

Regional Courses

  • BRC 2401 India: World Religons, Ideologies and Society 
  • BRC 2402 Russia in Modernity: History, Politics, and Culture
  • CVA 2009 East Asian Cultures
  • CVA 2411/2011 Introduction to Western Culture
  • CVA 2455/2055 Peoples and Culture of the Americas
  • CVA 2458/2058 After the Dictator
  • ECN 3625 Doing Business in the New Europe
  • ECN 3645 Business and Economic Policy in the Developing World
  • ECN 3662 Political. Economy of Latin American Development & Underdevelopment
  • ECN 3677 Regional Economies
  • EPS 3561 Ghana: Culture, Society, and Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies
  • EPS 3572 Entrepreneurship in Asia
  • HIS 3601 European Renaissance
  • HIS 3608 Social Responsibility in Malaysia
  • HIS 3620 Race and Ethnicity in Latin America 
  • HIS 3665 Revolution and Terror in Modern Latin America
  • HIS 3677 The History and Economy of Modern Mexico
  • HIS 3680 Modern China
  • HSS 2006 South Asian History
  • HSS 2013 China Today
  • HSS 2403/2003 Latin American History
  • HSS 2434/2034 Modern European History
  • HSS 2460 African History and Foodways
  • HUM 3615 From Hangover to Recovery in Contemporary Spain
  • LIT 3605 Culture, Society, and the Developing Economy in South Africa
  • POL 3679 Soviet and Russian Politics
  • Any language course 2000 and above