​Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program (CLTP) 

The Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program (CLTP) was designed to develop students’ interpersonal and leadership skills.

Now in its 20th year, this program started by Babson professors Joseph Weintraub​ and James Hunt, is closely tied to Babson’s undergraduate curriculum, with a focus on building self-knowledge and empowering students to help shape their personal development.

Coaches—consisting of alumni, parents, graduate students, staff and members of the community with experience in a diverse set of industries such as finance, marketing, entertainment,  insurance, retail, and travel—take students through exercises dealing with ethics and problems that businesses encounter. Students work together through  cases while being observed by the coaches in key competency areas.  Following this group session students then meet one on one with their coach to receive confidential feedback on both their areas of strength and development. No grades—just real-world insight and networking.

Students take CLTP sessions twice throughout their careers at Babson: once as part of the first-year Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) course, and the second time in the capstone Strategic Problem Solving (ASM) class, typically taken junior or senior year.

Babson alumni, parent, or friend of the College interested in coaching?

Visit www.babson.edu/coach for more information and to register.

Typical CLTP Student Experience

Starting the Day

Students and coaches check in at the respective sites to receive instructions and room assignments for the day.. One of the CLTP faculty members speaks to students about the coaching program, which is focused on helping students build self-awareness in the six key competency areas.

Group Meetings

Student teams discuss the three cases and present their solutions to the coaches.  The ASM students (junior and seniors) also present a Personal Brand Pitch as part of the session.

Student Break

Students take a break and will return in about 1.5 hours to meet with their individual coaches.

Coach Meeting

Coaches meet to review the morning and discuss developmental coaching for each student.

One-on-One Feedback

This is the highlight of the day. Coaches and students meet to discuss the CLTP session. Students receive one-on-one developmental feedback from their assigned coach. The meeting lasts for about 30 minutes. Coaches and students discuss the six competency areas, how the student believes the session went, and student strengths and areas for development (juniors and seniors also will have their Personal Brand Pitch reviewed one more time and be given additional feedback).

Feedback Form

Following the session, coaches fill out a feedback form, to be mailed to the student, which provides detailed feedback regarding each of the six competency areas that the student can focus on during their time at Babson.  Students receive this form in approximately 2 weeks.