​First-Year Seminar

First Year Seminar (FYS) provides students with an opportunity to become engaged members of the Babson community. This course will challenge students to critically examine important aspects of college student life, such as engaging in scholarly dialogue, becoming a proactive learner, and valuing a diverse and inclusive environment. In addition, this course will also challenge students to reflect upon multiple aspects of their identity and understand how as an individual they can make a positive impact both on campus and within the larger global society. Furthermore, students will develop important relationships with fellow students, peer leaders, faculty, and administrators. Students will earn a grade and one academic credit for their successful participation in this program. Participation in the First Year Seminar (FYS) is required for all Babson students during their first semester at the college.

Course Learning Objectives: 
The FYS program has specific learning objectives all students are expected to achieve.  The learning objectives are divided into three categories:

1. Discover the academic and co-curricular resources available to help you transition to the Babson community. 
2. Explore multiple aspects of your identity and the complexity of the Babson community.
3. Engage intentionally across differences. 

Within these three categories, students will learn:
  • The merits of scholarship and the expectations of joining the Babson community.
  • The Babson resources that provide personal and academic support. 
  • The value of diversity and inclusion.
  • The importance of ethics and social responsibility.​
  • How their individual actions impact the college and the global community.​

Undergraduate Learning Goals:
Babson embraces the principle that students learn and develop through their experiences across their undergraduate years, both in the classroom and throughout the community. This learning outcomes approach is focused on developing specific skills and abilities that will prepare students for their professional lives; equally important, it aims to challenge and influence students’ personal growth, understanding of themselves and their responsibility to the community, and appreciation for diverse and divergent viewpoints. 

Through discussion and reflective writing, students in FYS will achieve the following undergraduate learning goals:

1. Rhetoric: explore, reflect, analyze, and communicate critically and effectively
2. Global and Multicultural Perspectives: understand complex cultural contexts, and welcome and adapt to social, cultural, and intellectual diversity
3. Critical and Integrative Thinking: objectively analyze and critically evaluate issues and use a holistic approach to decision making

The First-Year Seminar program is a mandatory weekly seminar designed to provide students with a smooth transition into their first year, provide valuable insight into enriching academic and co-curricular opportunities for students to take advantage of at Babson, and serve as a multifaceted recourse on a variety of subjects such as, time management, identity, and diversity. Your first-year experience is an important milestone toward an enriching four years of college. We wish you the best of luck as your college career begins!

f you have any questions about the First-Year Seminar program, please contact Michele Kerrigan in the Office of Academic Services.