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Curriculum Innovation

Babson’s innovative curriculum engages students and professionals in interdisciplinary education.

At Babson, your education will not be part of a siloed discipline. Instead, through personalized experiential learning, you will be inspired to think analytically and creatively inside and outside of the classroom.

You will become a generator of sustainable economic and social value

Babson places Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® at the core of its curriculum. We build and evolve integrated cross-disciplinary graduate, undergraduate, and executive education programs. All these take an action-learning approach.

Babson’s history of curriculum innovation includes notable firsts:

  • The Foundation Management Experience (FME) was the first (and only) mandatory yearlong, first-year undergraduate course students launch and liquidate ventures.
  • The One-Year and Two-Year MBA programs were the first integrated and modular MBA programs in the world.
  • Courses such as the Entrepreneurship Innovation Track and Babson Consulting Alliance Program (offered in the graduate school) have real world impact.
  • The first top-tier, blended MBA Fast-Track program combines the best in classroom and online teaching, learning. Instructors use techniques that foster cooperative learning.

Continuous innovation

Babson partners with a network of institutions to continue to create path-breaking curriculum, teaching, and delivery mechanisms. Last year Babson founded the Global Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, a collaboration among international universities focused on developing new modes and methods in an entrepreneurial learning/laboratory. Those innovations are then tailored to fit situations in localities around the world.