Shaping Babson’s Story

Yodjin Uahwatanasakul ’60, H’94, P’99Yodjin Uahwatanasakul ’60, H’94, P’99, came to Babson from Thailand in the mid-’50s. In addition to being a diligent student, he was known for his colorful storytelling. During dinner, classmates would gather at his table to hear tales of his childhood and journey to the College.

In some ways, Uahwatanasakul’s own story during the past half-century mirrors Babson’s: He has successfully grown his family’s business into a world-class trading and manufacturing company, while Babson has grown from an idyllic men’s college into an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Uahwatanasakul was one of just five students from Thailand to attend Babson from 1919 to 1960; now, Babson has more than 30 current students and more than 130 alumni from the country.

Uahwatanasakul not only has been a part of Babson’s success story, he also has helped shape it by serving on the Board of Trustees and the Babson Corporation (which was the precursor to the Board of Overseers), starting an alumni club in Thailand that hosts popular annual gatherings, and most recently making a $1 million donation to the College.

“My family believes education is the best investment, and nobody can take it away from you. If you use it right, you will be prosperous,” Uahwatanasakul says. “I am honored to support Babson, and I take special satisfaction in its increasing recognition and stature throughout the world.”