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The dedicated team at our IACC-accredited facility is excited to partner with you to deliver a rewarding experience tailored to your participants and your organization.

Regardless of the size of your group, you’ll benefit from an extraordinary level of personalization and support from an empowered staff that’s trained to anticipate your needs. Whether it’s the technology setup or your group’s unique dietary requirements, we handle all the details so you can spend your time and energy focused on getting results.

Our Team

James Flaherty

James Flaherty

General Manager


Sue Korycansky

Sue Korycansky

Director of Sales & Marketing


Athena Gewlas

Athena Gewlas

Director Conference Planning and Services


Colin Foley

Colin Foley

Director of Rooms


Michael Katz

Michael Katz

Director of Food & Beverage


Sales Department


Committed to Sustainability

Partnering with Babson College and implementing sustainability practices in our business not only allows us to make a difference, but let’s our guests and associates know that we care, not only about the environment, but about them.


  • Reduced-energy compact fluorescent lighting throughout the facility, including guest rooms
  • Extensive use of recycled paper products, plastic free containers, straws, and utensils
  • Dumpster with cardboard compactor to reduce landfill volume
  • Extensive use of Green Seal-certified biodegradable cleaning products
  • Energy-saver systems and devices throughout conference rooms
  • Guests are offered filtered water in lieu of bottled water
  • Recycling containers

Guest Rooms

  • Green cleaning, emphasizing biodegradable products and reusable containers
  • Reusable glasses and mugs
  • Towel and sheet re-use program
  • Eco-friendly shower and bath products
  • Low-flow plumbing


  • Our chefs use organic, local, and farmed-fresh foods whenever possible
  • We are committed to using RBGH-free dairy products
  • Only fairly traded coffee is offered
  • We avoid using seafood that is threatened or endangered, and our fish is never frozen
  • Food waste is composted into soil at regional farms
  • Waste Not program used to reduce food waste
  • Controlled portions for less waste

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