The Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) at Babson College is a learning laboratory at the intersection of gender and entrepreneurial leadership.

CWEL ScholarsCWEL provides Babson undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni:  

  • Access to education
  • Engagement with role models
  • Opportunities to experiment

We invite you to join the Babson community as we act, learn and build a collective entrepreneurial future that creates economic and social value everywhere. 

Strategic Objectives

CWEL's strategic objectives are aligned with Babson’s academic and institutional strategy. The focus begins with the internal Babson community and moves outward to the world.

  • Center for All. CWEL serves as the hub of Babson’s initiatives advancing women as contributors to social and economic value everywhere.
  • Gender-enlightened Campus. Advocates and cultivates a campus culture that supports future entrepreneurial leaders who understand, manage, and lead with gender aptitude.
  • Signature Learning Experiences. Designs and delivers educational programs that reflect intentional pedagogy, high-impact relevance, and differentiated faculty expertise.
  • Leading the World. As the recognized global leader in women’s entrepreneurial leadership research, pedagogy and practice.

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