As part of the John E. and Alice L. Butler Launch Pad, the undergraduate and graduate Hatcheries provide a vibrant atmosphere conducive to sharing ideas and information among student teams, faculty, executives in residence and visiting entrepreneurs.

The Hatcheries function like incubators where student entrepreneurs have access to professional and semiprivate workspace to grow their businesses. Student businesses go through an application process before they are selected. Teams are awarded space in the Hatcheries one term at a time.

Fall 2018 Hatchery Businesses

Graduate Businesses

Tax Advisor

Thiago Dias

Tax Advisor Inc. is a tax preparation and accounting franchise company that delivers peace of mind to individuals and companies by offering human-friendly, fast, and reliable accounting expertise to the Latino market in the U.S. through a franchise model.


Takashi Kashimura

Creates educating technology using Image Recognition AI.

Path to Success

Ryo Shibasaki

We provide the most competent and reliable English learning service in Japan.

La Conexión 

Melissa Castro

La Conexión provides a vibrant environment for both the sophisticated consumer and low income inviduals who miss home-cooked meals an opportunity to enjoy fresh, authentic, and high-quality Latin foods. 


Salimata Bangoura

Dugu is a one stop shop for all things cooking and cleaning services for working parents.

Pursuit Energy Solutions 

Sean Wirth

Pursuit Energy Solutions provides electricity and natural gas consulting services to large commercial and industrial customers in New England.

Undergraduate Businesses


Rachel Pardue

LOU replaces lengthy help center docs and videos with interactive tutorials that guide users through their journey from onboarding to becoming a power user. 

The Hidden

Wes Woodson

The Hidden is a lifestyle brand which encourages the youth to be their true selves unapologetically.

Growth Cave

Lucas Lee-Tyson

Growth Cave helps businesses grow online by providing 1:1 consulting and an extensive online training center primarily focused on paid advertising.

Nectar CBD Superdrink

Trevor Grode

Nectar CBD Superdrink is the first CBD infused juice beverage on the East Coast. 


Max Ferber

BRUW manufactures and distributes kits for individuals to prepare their own cold brew. 


Marc Baghadjian

Skippit is a dating application that uses video and voice to facilitate the first virtual date.