Richard Hanna

  • Assistant Professor
Academic Division: Marketing


Dr. Richard C. Hanna is an Assistant Professor in the marketing division at Babson College. He is an expert in marketing research, promotions, and digital marketing. His current research examines how games used for promotions influence consumer choice and reaction to product information and branding. Professor Hanna also conducts research in consumer decision-making, technology usage, and ethics/leadership.

He has published numerous empirical articles in journals such as Marketing Letters, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Business Horizons, Preventive Medicine, Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management and the Journal of the Operational Research Society and is a coauthor on the text: Internet Marketing: Reaching Customers Anytime, Anyplace, Any Platform.

Prior to joining Babson College, Dr. Hanna was on the marketing faculty at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University and Carroll School of Management at Boston College. He has taught a variety of undergraduate, MBA, PhD, and Executive level business courses including marketing research, statistics, digital marketing, social media, marketing communications & branding, marketing principles, marketing strategy, global marketing, and pricing.

Before academia, Professor Hanna worked for several years in B2B sales and marketing communications. He has also been a marketing research and analytics consultant for the Verizon Foundation, MC Communications, Strategic Pricing Group, HSBC, Northeast Utilities, and Interaction Associates among others. His consulting, research, and training help organizations optimize their marketing and promotional strategies and utilize new media to influence consumer response.

Dr. Hanna attended Boston University and holds a Doctorate of Business Administration in the area of marketing and statistics from the School of Management, a Master of Science in Mass Communications from the College of Communications, and a Bachelor of Science in marketing from the School of Management.

Academic Degrees

  • DBA, Boston University School of Management
  • MS, Boston University College of Communications
  • BS, Boston University School of Management

Academic Interests

Market Research; Marketing Strategy

Awards & Honors


  • Degree Courses 2018



Journal Articles

  • Hanna, R.C., Lemon, K., Gerald, S. (in press). Is transparency a good thing? How online price transparency and variability can benefit firms and influence consumer decision making. Business Horizons. Issue: March-April 2019. Elsevier. link
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Book Chapters

  • Hanna, R.C., Winrich, C.D. (2015). Whats so wrong with student subjects? A brief guide to the ins and outs of using student subjects in research: Evolving Entrepreneurial Education: Innovation in the Babson Classroom. Issue: 1, Page: 85-98. Emerald. link
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  • Swain, S.D., Hibbard, J., Hanna, R.C. (in press). Trademark Infringement: When is Similarity Confusing to Consumers?. Academy of Marketing Science World Mkt Congress.


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