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Victor P. Seidel  

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Stanford University
M.B.A. Cambridge University
B.S. Cornell University
Areas of Expertise

Victor Seidel researches topics in technology and innovation management, with an emphasis on the evolving nature of the design process. He focuses on how managers, from those running start-ups to those in large R&D organizations, can best navigate from initial concept to final innovation. Increasingly, his work investigates how design teams use online communities as sources of continuous innovation.

He completed his undergraduate engineering degree at Cornell, an MBA at Cambridge and Ph.D. at Stanford. Prior to academia, he spent ten years with IBM Microelectronics where he developed several patented semiconductor device innovations, managed the business planning department for a billion-dollar division within IBM, and expanded the product marketing organization in Europe.

A dual British-American citizen, he was a founding academic director of the entrepreneurship and innovation center at Oxford’s Said Business School, where he continues to serve as a visiting scholar. In addition to his position at Babson, he is a TECH Innovation Associate of the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. His areas of teaching include Technology and Innovation Management and Product Design and Development.

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Professor Seidel’s publications can be found at the SSRN site and can be downloaded via links on this page.  Complementary final published versions of any article can be requested via the e-mail address on right.  Publications include:

Seidel, V.P., Langner, B, and Sims, J. (Forthcoming 2016) “Dominant communities and dominant designs: Community-based innovation in the context of the technology life cycle” Strategic Organization 14(4).
[Link to open-access version]

Seidel, V.P., Packalen, K.A., & O’Mahony, S. (Forthcoming 2016) “Help me do it on my own: How entrepreneurs manage autonomy and constraint within incubator organizations” Research in the Sociology of Organizations, vol. 47
[Link to open-access version]

Seidel, V. P. and Langner, B. (2015). Using an online community for vehicle design: Project variety and motivations to participate. Industrial and Corporate Change. 24(3) 635-653.
[Link to published article free pdf (publisher-permitted access)]

Langer, B. and Seidel, V.P. (2015). Sustaining the flow of external ideas: The role of dual social identity across communities and organizations. Journal of Product Innovation Management. 32(4) 522-538.
[Link to publisher version] [Link to open-access version]

Seidel, V. P. & Fixson, S.K. (2015) “Design thinking for non-designers” Chapter 12 in “Design Thinking,” K. Scott Swan, Michael Luchs, and Abbie Griffin, Eds.  New York: Wiley.
[Link to publisher site][Link to open-access version]

Fixson, S. K., Seidel, V.P., & Bailey, J. (2015) “Creating space for innovation: The role of a “design zone” within a business school.” in Crittenden, V. et al., Eds. “Evolving entrepreneurial education” Bingley, U.K.: Emerald.
[Link to publisher site][Link to open-access version]

Seidel, V.P. and O’Mahony, S. (2014). Managing the Repertoire: Stories, Metaphors, Prototypes, and Concept Coherence in Product Innovation. Organization Science, 25(3), 691-712.
[Link to published article free pdf (RoMEO Green access)​]

Seidel, V.P. (2014). Rodolphe Durand and Jean-Philippe Verge: The Pirate Organization: Lessons from the Fringes of Capitalism (Book Review). Administrative Science Quarterly, 59(3).
[Link to published article free pdf (RoMEO Green access)​]

Seidel, V. P. and Fixson, S. K. (2013). Adopting Design Thinking in Novice Multidisciplinary Teams: The Application and Limits of Design Methods and Reflexive Practices. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30(S1), 19-33.
[Link to publisher version] [Link to open-access version]

Langer, B. and Seidel, V.P. (2009). Collaborative Concept Development Using Supplier Competitions: Insights for the Automotive Industry. Journal of Engineering & Technology Management, 26(1-2), 1-14.
​[Link to publisher version] [Link to open-access version]

Seidel, V. P. (2007). Concept Shifting and the Radical Product Development Process. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 24(6), 522-33.
[Link to publisher version] [Link to open-access version]

Seidel, V. and Pinto, J. (2005). Social Science Strategies for User-Focused Innovation and Design Management. Design Management Review, 16(4), 35-40.
​[Link to publisher version] [Link to open-access version]

Seidel, V. (2000). Moving from Design to Strategy: The Four Roles of Design-Led Strategy Consulting. Design Management Journal, 11(2), 73-79.
[Link to publisher version] [Link to open-access version]