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Message From the Provost

Gordon Prichett

Babson College is a truly unique academic institution. Our core academic objective is to be a community that continuously delivers innovative student experiences—both inside and outside of the classroom—which develop and mentor responsible entrepreneurial leaders who take bold, ethical actions that simultaneously benefit society, the natural environment, and their organizations.

As you navigate this website, you will learn more about the various segments of Babson College collected under the Provost’s office—such as Faculty, Student Affairs, Undergraduate School, Graduate School, Babson Executive and Enterprise Education, Glavin Office of Multicultural and International Education, our various centers of excellence, and the large collection of experts in residence on campus. Collectively, they do the excellent work that has made Babson College No. 1 in entrepreneurship education (continuously since U.S. News & World Report began that specialty ranking in 1994) and Money magazine’s Best College in the U.S.

Babson is a dynamic laboratory for learning which delivers a rigorous experience for all of our students. Our academic excellence is based on a philosophy that is reflected in the following two concepts:

  • Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® represents the mindset and approach to life that gives our graduates the ability to both see opportunities in every situation and take actions to improve the situation. Our students are doers. And, like the most successful entrepreneurs, our graduates reflect deeply on who they are, immerse themselves in the context they face, and act from a set of values that recognizes the need for simultaneous consideration of social, economic, environmental responsibility, and sustainability.
  • Entrepreneurship of All Kinds® captures the idea that regardless of their career choice—starting new businesses, leading social or nonprofit ventures, managing businesses of all sizes, working as finance professionals, lawyers, or educators, growing family businesses, or leading public sector or civic organizations—Babson graduates are equipped with the mindset and method that allows them to capitalize on opportunities to create value for their organizations and for the world.

With an emphasis on Social, Environmental, Economic Responsibility, and Sustainability (SEERS) embedded into the experience, our students understand that economic and social value creation are not mutually exclusive, but instead integral to each other. The fundamental business skills and entrepreneurial mindset they cultivate at Babson equips them to make a difference here on campus and around the world.

When you put this altogether, it’s easy to see why Babson is recognized as one of the most innovative academic institutions in the world. Stay connected as we continue to redefine entrepreneurship education.

Gordon Prichett
Acting Provost
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics & Sciences
Babson College​

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