Honors Program Administration

The Honors Program is administered by a faculty Director, an Associate Director and the Honors Council, which consists of faculty from the various academic divisions. Members of the Honors Council select students for admission to the program, act as liaisons to the honors project, join students at Honors Program activities and events, and set policy for the program.


Ginny Soybel Accounting and Law Luksic 312 781-239-4241

Council Members

​Richard Bliss Finance​ ​Tomasso 324 781-239-5883​
Neal Harris Economics Luksic 309 781-239-5616
Jon Hodge Arts and Humanities Hollister 330 781-239-5335
Paul Schmitz History and Society Hollister 328 781-239-4975
Nathan Karst Math and Science Babson 316 781-239-5508
Cheryl Kirschner Accounting and Law Luksic 320 781-239-4279
Anjali Bal Marketing Malloy 216 781-239-5253
Dave Blodgett Math and Science Kriebel 204 781-239-6423
Scott Taylor Management Tomasso 229 781-239-5668
Ganesan Shankar TOIM Babson 216D 781-239-4470
Siddharth Vedula Entrepreneurship Blank Center 105B 781-239-4594