Strategic Management

Many Babson students intend to lead a business, a functional area, or become an influential consultant or analyst. These careers require an integrated understanding of business, corporate, and global strategy formulation and implementation.

Strategic Management constitutes the processes by which a company, large or small, domestic or international, single or multibusiness determines its long-run direction and performance by ensuring careful formulation, effective and efficient implementation, and continuous monitoring of results.

The Strategic Management concentration requires two core courses to give students an in-depth understanding of the various dimensions of Strategic Management: industry and competitor analysis, corporate strategy, multinational strategy, and strategy implementation. By offering a diverse menu of courses in other disciplines (up to two may be taken), the concentration enables students to develop valuable capabilities for one of four career directions:

  • Strategy Consulting or Strategic Planning
  • Information Technology Management, Human Resources, or Marketing Consulting
  • Equity Analysis or Investment Management or
  • Management of a functional area (Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, or Human Resources).

Completing a second concentration in another discipline is encouraged and one course may be double counted to both concentrations.  Also, although the faculty recognize the benefits of the Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE), this course may NOT count towards the concetration. 

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Faculty Contact: Alia Crocker 

Faculty contacts serve as advisers to those students who have an interest in the given concentration. You should feel free to contact these faculty with questions.

If you plan to study abroad: Please note that only two courses taken abroad may be used to satisfy a Babson Strategic Management Concentration and must have a Babson equivalent course code from the level B course listings below. These courses must be approved through the Glavin Office of International and Multicultural Programs in advance. All other concentration courses must be taken at Babson. 

Required Courses

Four courses are required for the concentration of which two must be selected from the (A) list and two selected from the (B) list of several courses from many disciplines (and may also include a third Strategic Management required course).

A) Two required courses from the following:

  • MOB 3527 Solving Big Problems
  • MOB 3535 Strategy Execution (About Implementing Strategy)
  • MOB 3540 Israel Start-Up Strategy OR MOB 3545 Spain/Portugal Start-Up Strategy​
  • MOB 3546 Contemporary Strategic Issues in Chile: An Offshore Elective
  • MOB 3555 Paris Start-Up Strategy
  • MOB 3560 Global Strategic Management (About Strategy in Global Enterprises)
  • MOB 4510 Strategic Decision Making (About Advanced Industry and Competitor Analysis and Corporate Strategy)
  • MOB 4572 Management Consulting

B) Courses from which students must choose any minimum distribution of two. Students completing two concentrations can double count one of these courses for both concentrations. Some of these courses have prerequisites within the applicable division that must be completed.

  • MOB 3518 Arts and Entertainment Management
  • MOB 3560 Global Strategic Management (If not chosen above)
  • MOB 3535 Strategy Execution (If not chosen above)
  • MOB 3582 Global Management Communications 
  • MOB 4510 Strategic Decision Making (if not chosen above)
  • MOB 4572 Management Consulting (if not chosen above)
  • ECN 3667 Strategic Game Theory 

Additionally, we highly recommend that students pursue a second concentration in one of the following areas depending on their career interests:

  • Finance
  • Information Technology Management
  • Marketing
  • Economics

Dual-Concentrators (students taking a second concentration with the Strategic Management Concentration) can double count one course toward both concentrations. The Strategic Management Concentration is designed to prepare students for a number of careers. ​

For Those Interested in Strategy Consulting, Strategic Planning, or Corporate Finance, or Dual-Concentrators in Finance  

  • FIN 3515 Corporate Financial Management
  • FIN 4540 Corporate Financial Strategy Investments or Equity Analysis Career Path courses:
  • FIN 3520 Security Valuation
  • FIN 4530 Investments 

For Those Interested in Strategic Planning and Control, or Dual-Concentrators in Accounting

  • ACC 3502 Intermediate Accounting: Finance
  • ACC 3510 Financial Planning and Cost Control
  • ACC 4510 Management Planning and Control 

For Those Interested in Information Technology Consulting and Management, or Dual-Concentrators in Information Technology Management

  • MIS 3660 Prototyping with IT
  • MIS 3540 Managing with Information Technology
  • MIS 3690 Web Technologies
  • MIS 3640 Problem Solving & Software Design

For Those Interested in Strategy Consulting, or Dual-Concentrators in Economics

  • ECN 3666 Economics of Competitive Strategy
  • ECN 3630 Industrial Organization & Public Policy
  • ECN 3620 Econometrics
  • ECN 3655 Managerial Economics 

For Those Interested in Working Entrepreneurially, or Dual-Concentrators in Entrepreneurship

  • EPS 3501, 3502 Entrepreneurship and Opportunity
  • EPS 4510 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • EPS 3550 Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • EPS 3520 Managing a Growing Business Marketing

For Those Interested in Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Market Research, Marketing Management, or Dual-Concentrators in Marketing

  • MKT 3510 Marketing Research
  • MKT 4515 Brand Management
  • MKT 4560 Global Marketing Management
  • MKT 3560 Developing and Marketing New Products

For Those Interested in Human Resources Consulting or General Management

  • MOB 3580 Negotiations
  • MOB 3582 Global Communications
  • MOB 3512 Leadership
  • MOB 3515 Human Resource Management